How Difficult Are Septic Tank? (Perfect answer)

Is it difficult to maintain and care for a septic tank? It isn’t difficult to maintain and care for your septic tank as long as you DO NOT inject trash (e.g. toiletries, cigarette butts, plastic bags, papers, household chemicals, gasoline, diapers, food leftovers and other irrelevant materials) into its system. Septic tanks are made to […]

How Long Should A Septic Tank Tee Be? (Question)

Where should a septic tee be installed? If the SEPTIC TANK BAFFLES have been damaged, lost, or are inadequate, a septic tee should be installed at both the tank inlet [photo] and outlet [photo]. Our photo, compliments of architect Jerry Waters, [reference] shows a badly deteriorated concrete septic tank baffle. How long should the septic […]

What Makes A Septic Tank Out Of Code? (Perfect answer)

There are two primary types of septic system failure: hydraulic failure and phosphorus treatment failure. Hydraulic failure occurs when the soil cannot handle the volume of wastewater, and as a result sewage overflows into the house. Is your septic system up to code? The best way to check if the septic system is up to […]