How To Mess Up A Septic Tank? (Perfect answer)

9 Ways You’re Destroying Your Septic Tank Flushing Paper Products. Pouring Grease Down the Drain. Using Too Much Drain Cleaner. Introducing Additives to Your System. Flushing Cat Litter. Neglecting to Pump Your Tank Regularly. Planting Trees and Shrubs on Your Drain Field. Washer Lint Overload. • How can I prevent septic system problems? Here are […]

How Does A Septic Tank And Leach Field Work? (Best solution)

How Does a Leach Field Work? The lines or pipes in the septic leach field have small holes along their sides and bottom. The solid waste remains in the septic tank, stopped by a filter. The bacteria in the leach field septic layer then digest the organic materials, purifying the wastewater. A leach field […]

How Big Does A Septic Tank Need To Be? (Solution)

The larger your home, the larger the septic tank you’re going to need. For instance, a house smaller than 1,500 square feet usually requires a 750 to 1,000-gallon tank. On the other hand, a bigger home of approximately 2,500 square feet will need a bigger tank, more than the 1,000-gallon range. What is the average […]