Where Can I Get A 60 Fiberglass Septic Tank Lid? (Perfect answer)

What is the best way to cover a septic tank?

  • Mulch can be added to the area covering the septic tank and drainfield if snow cover is inconsistent – especially if grass or other vegetation cover is not available. It is always best to limit any traffic on top of the drainfield (vehicular, human or animal).

How do you measure a septic tank lid?

Most septic tanks are rectangular and measure about 5 feet by 8 feet. Probe around the tank to locate its edges and mark the perimeter of the rectangle. A septic tank installed before 1975 will have a single 24-inch concrete lid in the center of the rectangle.

What sizes do septic tank lids come in?

Available in 12″, 16″, 20″ and 24″ diameters. Green only. 12″ Tall Riser – For septic tanks.

What can I use as a septic tank lid?

The Do’s For Hiding Your Septic Tank

  1. Plant tall native grasses with fibrous roots around the opening to conceal the tank lid from view.
  2. Place a light statue, bird bath or potted plant over the septic lid.
  3. Septic tank risers and covers are an alternative to concrete and blend into green grass.

Can you replace the lid on a septic tank?

Concrete septic tank covers require replacement when they develop cracks or other damage. These can be purchased online or at a home improvement store near you. Many septic tanks have risers so the lid is visible above ground.

Should septic tank lid be sealed?

Like wells, septic systems have problems if they are not sealed from outside surface water. Most septic systems rely on buried pipes to get rid of the fluids. The lid covers should fit tightly — if they don’t, a company that specializes in septic repairs should be called to fix them.

How far down is septic tank lid?

Often, septic tank lids are at ground level. In most cases, they have buried anywhere from four inches to four feet underground.

How do you remove a plastic septic tank lid?

Some tank lids have built-in handles to pull on, but others require a pry bar to lift them open. If the lid comes with handles, ask for the assistance of a friend or family member to remove the lid. If it doesn’t, push a screwdriver into the seam around the lid and insert the pry bar into the gap. Then, press down.

Can you put mulch over septic tank?

Gardens. Landscape fabric, plastic, bark, or mulch should not be used over your septic system. These materials reduce air exchange while bark and mulch also retain excess moisture. Adding more than a few inches of soil over the drainfield, such as for raised beds, limits air exchange and can lead to compaction.

How many lids should a concrete septic tank have?

Two or three lids may be included in your system. The average size of a sewage tank is approximately 5 feet by 8 feet. The lid is buried between 4 inches and 4 feet underground in most cases.

What causes a septic tank lid to crack?

Cracks in the lid are most common. These can develop because of pressure on top of the lid, such as when a car or tractor drives over the tank. Cracks in lids are fairly easy to fix. Concrete filler is added to the crack and allowed to cure.

Septic Tank Risers, Lids, and Covers

Septic tank risers are intended to replace existing concrete, fiberglass, or metal septic tank lids by lowering the entrance to the ground level and allowing for better drainage. Want to stop digging up your yard every time you need to have your septic system cleaned, repaired, or re-filled with water? Do you despise having to lift and carry incredibly big concrete lids on your shoulders? It appears that you require septic tank risers to raise your access to ground level, as well as a lightweight, easily removable access cover.

With the Polylok risers and lids from Septic Solutions, septic tank maintenance will be a breeze!

Want to stop digging up your yard every time you need to have your septic system cleaned, repaired, or re-filled with water?

It appears that you require septic tank risers to raise your access to ground level, as well as a lightweight, easily removable access cover.

With the Polylok risers and lids from Septic Solutions, septic tank maintenance will be a breeze!


The following are some of the most commonly asked inquiries that our customer support representatives are asked. Take a peek below; it’s possible that the queries you have have been answered! Would the POLYLOK SEPTIC TANK LID fit directly on the ADAPTER RING, or will I need to use a RISER to ensure a proper fit on the tank? With the exception of the 24″ Heavy Duty Lid, the lid will often fit straight onto the adapter rings in the majority of cases. The underside of the 24″ Heavy Duty Lid is strengthened for added strength.

  • Therefore, the 24″ Heavy Duty Lid will only be able to be used without using an adapter when the opening is at least 24″ in diameter.
  • ALL other Polylok lids will attach straight to the adapter ring, eliminating the need for a riser or any other adaptor.
  • No.
  • Cutting the riser will result in the lid not being adequately secured on the riser that has been cut down.
  • It is entirely up to you whether you want to bring the riser system up to grade, raise it above grade, or leave it slightly below grade.
  • If the riser system is located in a high traffic location or is going to be run over by lawn equipment on a frequent basis, the heavy duty lid is recommended.
  • Yes.

IS IT INCLUDED WITH THE POLYLOK SEPTIC TANK RISERS AND LIDS TO USE SCREWS? Yes. The Polylok Septic Tank Risers are assembled using stainless steel screws that allow them to be connected to one another. If you have any more queries, please contact us at 1-877-925-5132 or [email protected].


Riser systems are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs on the market today. The Polylok septic tank risers are, without a doubt, the best money can buy in this category. There are several causes for this, but the following are the most significant:


The Polylok brand is the only one on the market that is sent to you from the factory with gaskets already in place, making it unique. This means that there is no further work necessary to ensure that the riser system is air and water tight! Keep ground water out of your tank, wastewater in your tank, and potentially hazardous gases out of your yard! In contrast to most other products, our Polylok septic tank risers do not require you to purchase or use any other type of sealant between each riser part.


The Polylok risers are reinforced with structural ribs that run internally around each riser segment, providing them with exceptional strength and allowing them to maintain their shape even after the hole is backfilled with dirt. As a result of the freezing and thawing of the ground in many parts of the country, it is necessary to have a smooth surface on the outside of the riser’s exterior. It is possible for items that have structural support on the outside of the riser to actually be lifted from the tank, causing damage to both the riser and seal, during periods of freezing and thawing.


The septic tank access lid on a riser system is one of the most significant components since it is the part of the system that is visible from the outside and that must be removed every time the system is pumped or otherwise serviced. The Polylok lids are pre-installed with handles, which make it simple to remove the lid whenever you need to get access to the system or to replace it. The bottom of the lids is structurally supported, which allows them to remain relatively flat rather than domed in shape, as is the case with many other items on the market.


It is necessary to use an adapter ring in order to attach risers to your septic tank. We have one of the largest adapter rings available on the market, allowing you to cover up to a 25″ square or 27″ circular aperture with a Polylok adapter ring. This ring fits both 20″ and 24″ risers, allowing you to have a great deal of versatility no matter what size your opening happens to be!


At Septic Solutions, we strive to make the buying and installation process as simple as possible for our customers. All of our Polylok risers and lids are delivered with all of the stainless steel screws required for installation in one package.

Best Price on Septic Tank Risers & Covers Online Guarenteed!

Septic Tank Risers and Lids are available from TGWasteWater in a variety of sizes and styles. We also provide a large selection of accessories for our riser products. Are you fed up with having to pay to have your system dug up and pumped every time it needs to be refilled? Are your present concrete risers at danger of collapsing? Is it becoming tiresome to have to lift a hefty concrete cover every time you need to access your tank? It is possible that you responded yes to any of these questions and that you should think about putting a riser system on your septic tank.

Risers from Tuf-Tite and Polylok are available for purchase.

Please keep in mind that Tuf-TitePolylok products are incompatible with one another.

Consequently, if you want us to utilize a Tuf-Tite lid, you must purchase Tuf-Tite Risers, and the reverse is true. Do you have questions about how to build a riser on a septic system? PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ OUR INSTRUCTION GUIDE ON HOW TO INSTALL RISERS ON A CONCRETE SEPTIC TANK

Amazon.com : Septic Tank Covers

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Topp C60WS 1/4″ Thick Solid Steel Cover for 60″ Fiberglass Basins

Typically, orders are delivered within 2 weeks. Weight of shipment: 365.0 lbs. Dimensions for Shipping 60 inches in length 60 inches in width 3 inches in height

  • The following are the specifications: description
  • Resources
  • Warranty
  • Reviews (0).

Topp Solid Steel Covers for 60″Basins

New construction and retrofit applications can take use of polyethylene, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass coverings designed by Topp & Associates Inc. These covers come complete with all essential components, and the majority of them are available for quick shipment for common installations. Customized configurations are available for customers with specific requirements. Cancer and Reproductive Harm – www.P65Warnings.ca.gov (Cancer and Reproductive Harm)


No one other than the original purchaser of Topp Industries, Inc. sump/sewage basins and accessories is entitled to benefit from or enforce the terms of this limited warranty. This warranty is not transferable and is not enforceable by any person, corporation, or entity other than the original purchaser. The length of this limited guarantee, as well as other implied warranties, is one (1) year from the day the sump/sewage basin and/or accessories are delivered. It is possible that the preceding limitation will not apply to you if your state does not allow limitations on how long an implied guarantee lasts.

warrants that the sump/sewage basin and/or accessories manufactured and assembled by it are fit for underground application against fracture and collapse under normal use and service as specified by Topp Industries Inc.; provided, however, that the remedies under this warranty shall be limited to the repair or supply of a replacement part for a defective part, and Topp Industries, Inc.

The following are the requirements that must be met in order for this guarantee to be valid:

  1. Installation of the sump/sewage basin in a vertical position is required. There are no conditions in which the bottom of the basin may be installed deeper than the overall depth of the basin. The basin must be installed so that a minimum of 75% of the basin is below final grade when completed. That the basin be used in a wastewater/sewage application
  2. That “normal use and service” shall mean any application that does not exceed the conditions created by completely submerging the basin in saturated soil with a density of 120 pounds per cubic foot
  3. And that “normal use and service” shall mean any application that does not exceed the conditions created by completely submerging the basin in saturated soil with a density of 120 pounds per cubic foot Suitable backfill material, as described in the Topp Industries Inc. Installation Reference Guide, and it must be compacted to a minimum soil modulus of 700 pounds per square inch.

This limited warranty does not apply to the following items:

  1. Items that are covered by a separate warranty from the manufacturer, such as, but not limited to, submersible pumps and related fittings
  2. Defects, damage related to abuse, misuse, negligence, accidents, or other calamity occurring after shipping by Topp Industries, Inc. are covered under this warranty. Damages originating from mistakes in design specifications submitted by the purchaser or its representatives
  3. Damages coming from poor handling and installation
  4. And Damages resulting from improper handling and installation Usual wear and tear, as well as problems stemming from regular wear and tear

The claimant shall notify Topp Industries, Inc. within ten (10) days of the discovery of any fractured or collapsed sump/sewage basin and/or accessory that is claimed to be covered by the terms of this warranty. The claimant shall provide Topp Industries, Inc. with the opportunity to be present, through its agents or employees, before any alteration of the products and during the removal and inspection of the basin that is claimed to be defective and covered by this warranty. Topp Industries, Inc.

In addition to the description on the face of this document, there are no guarantees, expressed or implied, that extend beyond that description.

You may also be entitled to various legal protections, which will differ from state to state.

at 800-354-4534 or 574-223-3681 ext.

How septic tank lids and covers are saving you money – Aeration Septic

A septic tank system may be one of the most expensive mechanical elements on a property, making it one of the most important investments. It is also one of the least thought about or comprehended of all the concepts. It may be tempting to flush it down the toilet and forget about it, but doing so may be quite costly in the long run, since regular maintenance and monitoring can help to avoid pricey repair fees. Risers and lids for septic tanks are an excellent and cost-effective solution to ease future maintenance and monitoring of the tank.

What are septic tank risers and lids?

While your septic tank is located beneath the earth, septic tank risers provide a big diameter “well” that allows for a safe access point to the sewage tank to be located at ground level if necessary. The lid is attached to the top of the riser and is designed to completely encapsulate the system in an airtight and watertight manner. In this way, surface water and debris such as grass clippings, mulch, and soil are prevented from entering the tank. It also helps to keep gases and smells from leaking from the septic system as well.

There are several benefits to septic tank risers and lids

First and foremost, having a clearly visible septic tank lid on the property serves as a pleasant reminder that a septic system is in place. However, whereas older-style concrete coverings were considered to be heavy and unattractive, current plastic lids are lightweight and made to integrate with the surrounding environment. These lightweight variants make it simple and cost effective to install, monitor, and service your septic system, and they are also easy to transport. Savings on expenses By establishing an access point at ground level, service experts will have an easier time locating the septic system for routine maintenance, repairs, or to pump out the septic tank as necessary.

Stainless steel threaded fasteners are used to connect lids to the riser and keep them in place to avoid tampering by minors and potential falls into the septic tank.

The high duty riser and lid systems placed at ground level are sturdy enough to withstand being mowed directly over.

As a result, there is no need to spend the additional time and energy trimming around them.

At Aeration Septic Inc, we provide several different types and sizes of septic tank covers and lids. More information may be found by checking out our collection or by visiting our Amazon shop.

Septic Riser & Lid Repair Statesville

Sewage Tank Risers and Lids or Lids are intended to be used in conjunction with existing concrete, fiberglass, or metal septic tank covers. Septic Risers are meant to raise the level of a septic tank’s below-grade opening to the same level as or higher than the surrounding ground. Risers are frequently absent from typical septic tanks, particularly in earlier types, and are thus difficult to find. The diameter of risers typically ranges from 8 to 24 inches. Septic tank riser installation services are provided by Lentz Wastewater Inc.

The aperture of the riser is protected by a tight-fitting lid.

Do I Need a Septic Tank Riser?

A septic tank riser system is an extremely beneficial addition to your septic system and is highly suggested by experts. This device will make the process of maintaining and monitoring your septic system more easier, more convenient, and less expensive. Septic tank risers that have been authorized by the state of North Carolina must be put on any new or updated septic system in the state. Your septic system is one of the most expensive mechanical elements on your property. It is also one of the most complicated.

If you don’t have septic tank risers, your system will be “out of sight and out of mind” for a long time.

Advantages of Septic Tank Risers

  • Rising and covering septic tanks in the modern day are significantly more aesthetically pleasing and mix in with their environment
  • The lightweight septic cover makes it simple to get access to the septic tank. The contemporary covers are lightweight, weighing less than 10 pounds, which makes maintaining your tank considerably simpler. The old-fashioned concrete septic tank riser rings are quite heavy, weighing hundreds of pounds. The concrete coverings are similarly heavy, weighing between 60 and 80 pounds. Many individuals are deterred from lifting the cover and doing an inspection because of the weight of the object. Septic tank riser rings made of modern polyethylene are often less than 30 pounds in weight. Septic tank risers also have the advantage of making it considerably easier to prevent surface water from entering the tank. In the olden days, concrete riser rings were not equipped with a gasket. As a result, surface water may readily flow between the connection between the tank and the riser ring, as well as between the lid and the riser ring, when the tank is filled with water. Nowadays, a watertight seal is installed between the septic tank and the base flange of the riser. The riser rings and covers are also equipped with a long-lasting closed-cell foam gasket to keep the junction between them from becoming leaky. To keep little children from curiously messing with the cover and putting themselves in danger of falling into the septic tank, modern riser covers are fastened with threaded screws.

Want to stop digging up your yard every time you need to have your septic system cleaned, repaired, or re-filled with water? Do you despise having to lift and carry incredibly big concrete lids on your shoulders? It appears that you require septic tank risers to raise your access to ground level, as well as a lightweight, easily removable access cover. Our septic tank risers and covers are constructed of high-quality, heavy-duty polyethylene plastic, which allows them to be both extremely robust and durable while still being lightweight and simple to handle and transport.

Damaged Septic Tank Cover?

In the event that you drive over your septic tank, which is not suggested at all, the cover or lid may be damaged. Lentz Wastewater fixed septic riser covers that were broken, damaged, or mi ssing.

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Septic Tanks

  • The following locations have availability: Abita Springs, LA (1)
  • Alexandria, LA (2)
  • Athens, TX (3)
  • Bossier City, LA (1)
  • DeRidder, LA (7)
  • Hattiesburg, MS (5)
  • Houma, LA (1)
  • Huntsville, TX (2)
  • Jasper, TX (3)
  • Lake Charles, LA (1)
  • Laurel, MS (2)
  • Longview, TX (3)
  • New Caney, TX (3)
  • Opelousas, LA (7)
  • Price ranges from $10 to $25 (3) to $25 to $50 (1) to $200 to $400 (4) to $400 to $600 (1) to $600 to $800 (2) to $1000 to $2000 (7)
  • Capacity ranges from 1000 gal (2) to 1287 gal (1) to 300 gal (1) to 500 gal (1) to 750 gal (2)
  • Connections: 4 in ABS/PVC Inlet/Outlet Tee (1)
  • Dimensions: 127 in x 62.2 in x 54.7 in (1)
  • Finish: Gray (1)
  • Height: 6.0000 (1)
  • Length: 3.7500 (1)
  • Dimensions: 127 in x 62.2 in (1)
  • Dimensions: 127 in x 54.7 in (1) Material: HDPE (2), plastic (1), steel (9)
  • Shape: round (2)
  • Size: 46 in (1), 55 in (1), 58 in (1), 66.5 in (1), 72 in (1)
  • Width: 2.5000 (1)
  • Height: 2.5000 (1)

Mfg. No. : 1000ST Item number: 43000652 Price:$1,477.22 4Mfg: 1000MSST is now available. Item number: 43001322 Price:$1,661.54 0Mfg: 16-RISL is now available. Item number: 46790538 Price:$17.62 52Mfg: 16 TAR are currently available. Item number: 46790540 Price:$11.51 37Mfg: 222031 is now available. Item number: OAT222031 Price:$19.90 3Mfg: 300GT is now available. Price: $794.76 for item 43000108. 16Mfg: 41319 is now available. Item number: 43406126 Price:$979.11 3Mfg: 42406 is a model that is currently available.

  1. 18Mfg: 43522 is now available.
  2. Item number: 43000702 Price:$293.33 Avail: 2Mfg: 500ST Item: 43000207Price: $1,080.90Avail: 24Mfg: 500LID Item: 43000207Price: $1,080.90 Item number: 43000801 Price:$297.85 8Mfg: 600LID is now available.
  3. Item number: 43001007 Price:$361.29 1Mfg: 900/1000LID is now available.
  4. Item number: 43001321 Price:$1,478.35 2Mfg: IM-1060 Item: 46790522 is now available.

Item number: 46790552 Price:$938.55 51Mfg: RSPEGRL20 is now available. Item Number: 43400330Manufacturer: STK300P Item number: 43400338 Price:$733.33 2Mfg: STK500P is currently available. Item number: 43400339 Price:$900.00 There are four of them available.

How to Find the Lid on a Septic System

All septic tanks eventually fill with sediments and must be pumped out on a regular basis in order to remain in excellent functioning order. If the tank’s lid is not on a riser at ground level and you are not the home’s original owner, you may be unable to determine where the lid is located. A typical septic tank is 4 inches to 4 feet underground, with all of its components, including the cover, buried between 4 inches and 4 feet underneath. This is true regardless of whether the septic tank is equipped with special risers that keep the lid flush with the surface of the ground.

Consult A Map

All septic tanks eventually become clogged with particles and must be pumped out on a regular basis in order to remain operational. Unless the tank’s lid is mounted on a riser at ground level and you are not the home’s original owner, you may be unable to determine where the lid is located. In the majority of situations, the whole septic tank, including the cover, is buried between 4 inches and 4 feet underground. This is true regardless of whether the septic tank is equipped with special risers that keep the lid flush with the ground.

Search For A Sign

Septic tanks are placed in such a way that they are as unnoticeable as possible on the land. After the grass has grown back after installation and some time has passed, it is possible that just a few visual indications will remain. Pay particular attention to the contours of your yard for any inexplicable high or low points that might suggest the presence of an underground storage tank.

Follow The Pipe

Installation of the septic tank takes place along the sewage line that runs from the house into the front yard. Locate the 4-inch sewage pipe at the point where it exits the home in the basement or crawl space, if it is there. Locate the same spot outside and make a note of it. Insert a thin metal probe into the earth, identify the 4-inch sewage line, and follow it across the yard, probing every 2 feet, until you reach the end of the property. Septic tanks are required to be at least 5 feet apart from the home in all states except Alaska.

Whenever the probe makes contact with flat concrete, fiberglass, or polyethylene it indicates that the tank has been located.

Locate The Lid

The majority of septic tanks are rectangular in shape and measure around 5 feet by 8 feet. Investigate the tank’s circumference to determine its boundaries and outline the rectangle’s boundary using a pencil. A septic tank that was built before 1975 will have a single concrete lid that is 24 inches in diameter in the center of the rectangle. If the tank was built after 1975, it will have two covers made of fiberglass or polyethylene, centered at the ends of the rectangle and centered at the ends of the rectangle.

Call A Professional

Opening a septic tank is a job best left to the pros once the lid has been discovered. Concrete septic tank lids are extremely heavy, and many require the use of lifting tools to remove them completely.

An open tank has the potential to release toxic gases. Anyone going around on the property who comes into contact with an exposed septic tank might be in risk. Because of the noxious vapors present in an open tank, falling into one can be lethal.

Mark The Spot

Make a note on the ground near where the tank was pumped by a professional and the lid was buried to serve as a reference in the future. In order to keep track of where you are, you should choose a hefty circular patio tile that is embedded in the ground. Additionally, draw your own map of the area and store it with your other important papers.

Custom Roto-Molding Open Top Tank Lid – 60 Inch

CRMI-60OTTL is the model number. Custom Roto-Molding Inc. is the manufacturer. Open top tank lid with custom Roto-Molding – 60 Inch Diameter is what you’re looking for. This tank lid is designed to fit any Custom Roto Molding open top tank with a 60-inch diameter aperture that has a 60-inch diameter opening. This tank lid complies with FDA regulations and is food safe. There is a 24″ threaded lid opening on this unit. Features:

  • 60 inches in diameter, 16 1/2 inches in height, and 51 pounds in weight.

Detailed Design of the Product The following is the warranty information for Custom Roto-Molding Open Top Tank Lid – 60 Inch:Custom Roto-Molding, Inc. A five-year warranty against defects in material and craftsmanship is provided by Custom Roto-Molding, Inc. on all tanks built by the company. Custom Roto-Molding tanks are manufactured in accordance with ASTM D-1998 specifications. Tanks that have been properly fitted and have not been subjected to abuse or misuse are covered under the warranty offered online.

  • 1.It is the end user’s responsibility to execute initial cleaning, leak detection, and determination of the storage tank’s appropriateness for a given use.
  • 2.All exterior piping must be supported by secondary supports and must not place an undue strain on the tank outputs.
  • Lifting lugs should only be used when the tank is completely empty.
  • In addition, the product warranty does not cover damage caused by mishandling or carelessness (including fire and accident), transportation damage, illegal changes to the device, significant external pressure, or abnormal usage.
  • No cleaning or leak testing of the tanks and fittings has been performed.
  • Before usage, fill the container with water and thoroughly clean it.

7.The manufacturer’s liability under this warranty and any other warranty, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise, is limited to the repair or, at the Manufacturer’s option, replacement of any defective product that is shown to have been defective when shipped, and only if the manufacturer is notified in writing of the defects within the warranty period and the items in question are promptly delivered to the manufacturer’s point of manufacture.

8. The cost of transportation must be paid in advance. 8.Upon reception, inspect the goods for any damage that may have occurred during shipping and handling, as well as the tank and fittings. 9.Vertical flat bottom tanks must be built on a solid, level, fixed surface that is flat and level.

Septic Tank Repair San Diego, CA

In addition to Escondido, San Marcos, Fallbrook, Ramona, El Cajon, Alpine and all other areas around San Diego County, Abbott Septic Service also provides complete, economically priced septic tank repair services. In the septic tank sector, our septic tank technicians have an average of 20 years of experience and are knowledgeable in all aspects of septic tank repair, installation, and maintenance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been told that your septic tank is having problems or you’ve just gotten a feeling that something isn’t quite right.

This is a testament to our integrity, expertise, skilled workmanship, fair pricing structure, and dependability of results.

Comprehensive Septic Tank Repairs Backed By a One-Year Warranty

Your septic tank may be experiencing problems or is on the verge of failing if you pay attention to the indicators. Water rising in the yard and plumbing difficulties, such as backups and delayed drainage, are among the most visible symptoms of a problem. While all of these are classic early symptoms that something is wrong with your septic system, the only way to be certain that the problem is with your tank and not, for example, with your interior plumbing is to physically dig it up and check it yourself.

This includes the following:

  • Deck Repair for Septic Tanks – Sulfuric acid may eat away at the concrete deck that sits on top of a holding tank over time. It is extremely dangerous for the tank to collapse if the concrete’s sand and rock are no longer keeping it together properly. If the tank’s floor and side walls are still in good condition, we may be able to cast a new deck on top of it and do some bridge work to rescue the tank from being destroyed. The tank, however, may need to be replaced if the concrete is beyond repair
  • However, this is unlikely. We offer septic tank lid repair and replacement services. If your septic tank lid is damaged, we have replacement lids for a broad range of concrete, fiberglass, and plastic septic tanks. We can also install a riser to make the septic tank lid more accessible for pumping and cleaning if the tank is located underground. Seepage Pits are a type of sinkhole that collects water. repairing, replacing, and constructing leach lines, including rock and pipe, infiltration chambers, and seepage pits, in order to meet a wide range of customer requirements. In the case of a sludged-up or clogged leach field or leaching pit, for example, we can install new leach lines to restore the field’s or pit’s performance. Other Septic Tank Repairs – In addition to septic tanks, we can service and repair baffles, input fittings, outlet fittings, pipelines, and effluent filters.
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Regardless of the situation, our septic tank repairs are carried out to the best industry standards, comply with local codes, and are covered by a one-year warranty. A septic tank replacement will be recommended only after we have explored all possible repair alternatives.

Septic Tank Repairs in Escondido, San Marcos, El CajonAll Other Areas in San Diego County

To receive the finest deal in septic tank repairs in San Diego County, contact us right now. We are available to take calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Repairs to a septic tank are normally performed as quickly as possible in order to minimize downtime. In the event that you are unsure whether you require the services of a plumber or of a septic service provider, we will make every effort to provide advise over the phone; but, in certain cases, the issue can only be identified through an on-site examination.


Abbott Septic Service is the most dedicated and hardworking firm in the industry. Abbott Septic should be contacted if you want the job done correctly the first time; otherwise, if you hire someone else, you will wind up calling Abbott Septic to repair their mistakes later on. The company is owned by his family, and his father, from whom he inherited the company, is also a highly hardworking individual. Abbott Septic Service comes highly recommended by me since they are the finest in the business.

Despite the fact that Abbott had cleaned out our septic tank, the house smelled awful thereafter.

It was returned to us and they sealed our lids so that the scent was eliminated.

The men that came out were quite kind and helpful, and they thoroughly described everything that was going on. This outfit comes highly recommended by me based on our conversation. The service call that took place today received a perfect score.

Septic System Components

  • To allow heavy solids or light greases to separate from sewage by allowing time and space for this to occur
  • By using baffles and outlet tees, it is possible to direct effluent (discharge liquid) from the cleanest portion of the tank to the cleanest portion of the tank, resulting in up to a 60% reduction of undesirable solids and contaminants
  • To provide a place for anaerobic (non-air breathing) bacteria to break down sewage, resulting in up to a 60% reduction of undesirable solids and contaminants

Components of a Typical Private Septic System

An underground waterproof container with a typical volume in excess of 750 gallons, plus air and scum space equal to roughly 25% of the water capacity. SEPTIC TANK: To avoid direct flow-through, the tank should be blocked or (ideally) segregated, and each compartment should have a riser to grade for cleaning. The tank should be constructed of a sturdy material that is robust enough to handle the weight of the earth and pedestrians. Selvage 5″ of concrete is used to support the concrete tanks and lids, which are designed to take 24″ risers to allow for easy inspection and thorough cleaning.

  • TRANSFER VALVE: A diversion valve is a tiny box with one intake and two exits, with a diversion valve allowing you to alternate the outgoing flow.
  • CONCRETE DISTRIBUTION BOX: A tiny concrete box with a single input and several exits for dispersing the flow of wastewater to multiple lines of a dispersal field.
  • DISPERSAL FIELD (also known as a Leach Bed or Leach Field): A field used for the dispersal of waste.
  • The field is built up of large trenches that are roughly 2 feet deep and are usually measured in lineal feet ranging from 12″ to 36″.
  • Using the perforated pipe, the effluent is disseminated over top of the bed, where aerobic bacteria are present and work to clean the wastewater as it passes through.
  • A 10′ x 20′ filter bed would have a surface area of 200 square feet, which is the standard unit of measurement for surface area.
  • Because of shallow bedrock, shallow groundwater, and other factors, holding tanks are utilized in situations when an on-site wastewater disposal system cannot be placed on the land.
  • Waste is transported to a landfill or a municipal treatment facility that has been permitted.

a container for collecting effluent, a pump or a siphon are used to lift or disperse fluid to a dispersal field, filter bed, or point of release. Lift stations are utilized in situations when flooding of a field or filter is desired, or where altitudes prevent gravity flow from taking place.

Septic System Components in Santa Rosa

Selling Septic Tanks in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Vallejo, Napa, Novato, Rosenberg, Fairfield, and surrounding areas San Rafael is a city in the state of California.

Loomis Tank Center Location (800) 549-5514

Information about the company:

  • GB tanks are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 750 to 10,000 gallons
  • They are IAPMO certified. For a long service life, it should be non-corrosive. Lightweight design makes for simple installation.

To get a PDF version of the drawing, click on the link below. Here’s where you can get a free copy of Adobe Reader. Tank size and fitting placement may vary significantly depending on the manufacturer. Specifications are subject to change at any time and without prior notification.


Loomis Fiberglass Septic Tanks(Inlet and outlet are from bottom of tank to bottom of hole)
Part Number Type Capacity Weight In/Out Dimensions Price PDF
* LGB500SS Ribbed 500 gallon 250 lbs 48″ / 45″ 72″long x 72″widex 55″tall N/A
LGB750DS Ribbed 750 gallon 320 lbs 52″ / 49″ 80″long x 72″wide x 60″tall
LGB1000DS Ribbed 1000 gallon 370 lbs 52″ / 49″ 111″long x 72″wide x 60″tall
LGB1250DS Ribbed 1250 gallon 430 lbs 52″ / 49″ 137″long x 72″wide x 60″tall
LGB1500DS Ribbed 1500 gallon 470 lbs 52″ / 49″ 156″long x 72″wide x 60″tall
LGB2000DS Ribbed 2000 gallon 1000 lbs 68″ / 65″ 144″long x 84″wide x 84″tall
LGB2500DS Ribbed 2500 gallon 1200 lbs 68″ / 65″ 168″long x 84″wide x 84″tall

There is just one compartment in this tank, which is not IAPMO approved. All tanks are manufactured in San Bernardino, California. Installation instructions and a guarantee for GB Fiberglass may be found by clicking here. To view the GB Fiberglass IAPMO Certification, please visit this page.

Available Accessories

  • Extra Fiberglass Lids
  • Fiberglass Risers (24″ Diameter x 24″ Height)
  • Septic Tank Effluent Filters
  • 4-hole or 6-hole distribution boxes
  • Diverter valves
  • 4-hole or 6-hole distribution boxes

Loomis Tank Centers retains ownership of the copyright. All intellectual property rights are retained.

What Are Septic Tank Risers?

Septic tank risers are a critical component of a septic system’s design. Because septic tanks are placed underground, it is beneficial to have risers constructed in order to make reaching the tank more convenient for the homeowner. Septic systems require regular maintenance and cleaning services, which should be scheduled every three to four years for those who have them. It is also the homeowner’s responsibility to be aware of the location of the lids and to make the system easily accessible to pumpers so that they may examine, maintain, and clean it.

Definition of Septic Tank Risers

Concrete or plastic septic tank risers serve to connect a septic tank to the rest of the system. They are installed over the top of septic tank access ports in order to increase the apertures’ length and bring them closer to the ground surface. Their use in the system is intended to increase the height of the septic tank’s top. Septic tank risers have been built, and new lids have been installed to bring them to the surface.

Benefits of Septic Tank Risers

Septic risers have a number of advantages over traditional septic tanks. Furthermore, they are simple to include into your existing system. The following are the primary benefits of acquiring septic risers.

Save Money

A one-time fee is charged for the installation of septic tank risers, which covers the cost of materials and labor. To compensate for the additional time and mechanical or physical effort required to locate and dig up septic tank lids, pumpers must charge a premium. It is unlikely that you will be required to pay any more fees in the future if you have risers placed on your tank. If the lids are easily accessible, it will be easy to determine if you are experiencing difficulties with your septic system from the inside out.

Save TimeYard Damage

In any conditions, you won’t have to be concerned about locating and digging up your lids anymore.

Unless your tank requires emergency servicing during adverse weather, you will not be required to dig through frozen ground, disrupt your grass, or dig through muck. Access to the septic tank is located below grade.

Your Septic System Will Be Current with StateCounty Code

New state and county regulations require that new construction comply with the following requirements: each riser lid must be watertight, brought to or above the surface, and equipped with a secure closing mechanism, such as a lock, special headed bolts or screws, or a sufficient amount of weight (defined as 59 lbs) to prevent unauthorized access to the structure. All current risers are constructed with a watertight seal that connects the base flange to the septic tank’s inlet valve. Additionally, all new plastic lids are attached to the risers with specific headed bolts and screws, which prevent anyone from easily removing the lid.

Maintaining compliance with these rules will help to prevent children or anyone else from removing or otherwise tampering with the lid.

Concrete lids weighing 60 lb

Avoid Additional Cost When You Sell Your Home

Many buyers in Northern Colorado contact home inspectors before they make an offer on a house or apartment. As a result, we have observed that house inspectors will write up existing septic systems that do not have lids on the surface, causing issues for both sellers and purchasers. If you have risers installed on your septic system, you will be less likely to encounter this problem if you decide to sell your home later. Additionally, as a buyer, you may want to think about including risers at the ground level in your new house purchase as an option.

Septic Riser Installation

You’re ready to take your septic system to the next level, but how do you get there? Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, and the rest of Northern Colorado may benefit from the installation of top-of-the-line septic tank risers. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Give us a call at 970-302-0457 right away to save money and secure your system.

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