What Does It Cost To Pump A Septic Tank In Clinton Ct? (Correct answer)

  • Depending on the size of your septic tank, pumping could cost as low as $250 for a 750-gallon tank, or as high as $895 for a 1,250-gallon tank.

How much does it cost to pump a septic tank in CT?

Septic system cleaning costs range from $280 to $350 to pump the tank depending on tank size. There is an additional charge of $20 per lid for reasonable hand digging to expose the tank lids, but this cost can be avoided if you expose the lids yourself.

How much does a sewage pump out cost?

Septic Tank Pump Out Cost The average cost is $300, but can run up to $500, depending on your location. The tank should be pumped out every three to five years.

How much does it cost to empty a 1500 gallon septic tank?

National average cost for a septic tank pump out: $295-$610. Up to 750-gallon tank: $175-$300. Up to 1,000-gallon tank: $225-$400. 1,250- to 1,500-gallon tank: $275 -$500.

When should a septic tank be pumped out?

The best times to pump your septic tank are spring and summer. A tank that is near capacity should be pumped during the spring to avoid flooding from heavy spring rain showers. It’s a good idea to pump your tank in the warmer months in preparation for high usage and to make maintenance easier for your technician.

What are the signs that your septic tank is full?

Here are some of the most common warning signs that you have a full septic tank:

  • Your Drains Are Taking Forever.
  • Standing Water Over Your Septic Tank.
  • Bad Smells Coming From Your Yard.
  • You Hear Gurgling Water.
  • You Have A Sewage Backup.
  • How often should you empty your septic tank?

Can you pump a septic tank yourself?

Technically, you can clean a septic tank yourself. However, professionals do not recommend that you do so. A professional has the tools needed to properly pump your tank. A professional also has the knowledge and training to remove all of the waste from your tank and dispose of it properly.

Is septic tank cost effective?

For homes not connected to a municipal sewage system, a septic system will be the homes most long-term cost-effective way to handle sewage and wastewater.

What is the cheapest septic system?

Conventional septic system These conventional septic systems are usually the most affordable, with an average cost of around $3,000.

Which septic system is best?

The best choice is a precast concrete septic tank. Precast septic tanks hold many advantages over plastic, steel, or fiberglass tanks. This is why so many cities and towns actually require the use of concrete septic tanks.

What to do after septic is pumped?

After you have had your septic tank pumped by a trusted septic company, there are some things you can and should do as the septic system owner.

  1. 1) Get on a Schedule.
  2. 2) Take Care of the System.
  3. 3) Know the Parts of Your System.
  4. 4) Check Other Possible Issues.

Can I shower if my septic tank is full?

Only the water would get out into the leach field in a proper system unless you run too much water too fast. The thing to do is to run your shower water outside into it’s own drain area, but it may not be allowed where you are. Used to be called gray water system.

How much does it cost to pump out a holding tank?

A holding tank needs to be professionally pumped out every 6-8 weeks and does not allow any sewage to seep into the ground surrounding it. The average cost for pumping and hauling away the waste is around $100- $150 and is priced out per gallon of wastewater.

What happens if you never pump your septic tank?

What Are the Consequences of Not Pumping Your Tank? If the tank is not pumped, the solids will build up in the tank and the holding capacity of the tank will be diminished. Eventually, the solids will reach the pipe that feeds into the drain field, causing a clog. Waste water backing up into the house.

How do I clean my septic tank naturally?

You can mix about a 1/4 cup of baking soda with 1/2 cup of vinegar and 2 tablespoons lemon to make your own natural cleaning agent. The baking soda will fizz up to help get the dirt and grime in your tub and drains. It’s a great cleaner and your septic system will thank you!

What is the most common cause of septic system failure?

Most septic systems fail because of inappropriate design or poor maintenance. Some soil-based systems (those with a drain field) are installed at sites with inadequate or inappropriate soils, excessive slopes, or high ground water tables.

Top 10 Best Septic Tank Services in Clinton CT

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RecentSeptic Tank ServiceReviews inClinton

  • Blair arrived on time, was friendly, and was quite professional. He described what he was going to do, and then he went through the results with the group. A wonderful gentleman who provided a wonderful service. The Envirotech Septic Service LLC comes highly recommended. We were seeing signs that a drainage problem was starting. The EnviroTech office staff was really professional and inquired about all of the pertinent details. The next day, they dispatched a technician to your location. The technician opened the septic tank and found the source of the problem quickly. In addition, he drained out the tank. He demonstrated to us the mistakes that had been done by the prior drain cleaning and septic service that had resulted in the problem. EnviroTech’s work was competent, educational, and reasonably priced, and we would recommend them. Peter H.
  • Peter H. What would I have done if Lance hadn’t been there to help? He is a true professional who genuinely enjoys his work and is a pleasure to work alongside. After winning the final design on a more straightforward designed septic system that satisfied all of the State of Connecticut sanitation regulations, Lance saved me tens of thousands of dollars. He was able to collaborate with the engineer and the local sanitarian in a really productive manner. The septic system was difficult to build, but Lance did an excellent job. He completed the project on schedule and on budget, and he interacted nicely with all parties involved. Lance is quite pleased with the work he performs, and he does it exceptionally effectively. It was the finest decision I made in terms of bringing our cottage up to current construction and health requirements by hiring Lance to supervise and install the septic and water systems. Suburban Sanitation Service, Inc. is owned and operated by Nancy P. The tank was quite full due to the fact that the previous business failed to pump out both tanks three years ago. They were up against a lot of obstacles, yet they managed to do a great job. They were competent and kind in their recommendations for making it more obvious in the future. They were also helpful in answering questions. They performed a fantastic job on the project. Envirotech Septic Service LLC is owned and operated by Nancy G. Excellent. There are no issues. Over the tank, new sod was installed. They followed up with the town to ensure proper record keeping and then issued me a formal report with the advice to service again in 5 years rather than 4. DUNCAN DOWNIE’S SEPTICEXCAVATION, INC. is owned by Jim O. We needed a way to get water out of our secondary tank systems in an emergency situation. We were unable to get in touch with our normal service firm for assistance. Downies responded in less than an hour after receiving a single phone call. The company’s truck and equipment were both in good condition. A pleasant driver who made it a joy to do business with. Suburban Sanitation Service, Inc. is represented by Mark U. I had a fantastic experience working with Suburban
  • They were simple to deal with and were quite professional in their approach. They collaborated with me to monitor the tank for a week to verify that it was not leaking, after which they examined and drained the tank out completely. They provided an in-depth report and were a pleasure to deal with. I’ve used them in the past for inspections and pumping, and I want to continue to use them in the future as well. I strongly advise you to do so. Suburban Envirotech Septic Service LLC is owned and operated by Keith K. I hired Craig, the owner of Envirotech, to come out and evaluate the septic system of a property we are considering purchasing. When I called to book my appointment, Gail, the receptionist, was really attentive and informed. I was really well taken care of during the entire process, which was especially important given my lack of knowledge about septic systems. Craig was kind and professional, and he arrived on time for our scheduled appointment. It is without a doubt that I will hire Envirotech for any future septic issues that we may have. This family-owned business comes highly recommended by me. 5o everyone who happens to be in the neighborhood The National Property Inspections team is led by Danielle N. Ralph and his son were both skilled and knowledgeable in their own fields. They arrived on schedule and prepared to get to work. They ended up charging me less than they had originally stated! As part of the examination, it was determined that the septic tank did not need to be pumped (they had pumped and inspected it just a few months beforehand under a previousowner). I intend to hire them again in the future when it comes time to pump the septic tank, service the leachate fields, or do other relevant services on my property. Charles E.
  • Charles E. George and his assistance were professional and friendly, and they arrived at the location at the time George had specified. They had to dig into my yard since one of the tanks was buried beneath the grass. They performed it very cautiously, and then they gently reattached the patches that had been taken earlier. This was the first time I had my septic tanks cleaned, and I had no prior knowledge of what they were for. George was patient with me and treated me with courteous respect as he answered all of my concerns and provided me with important information. I appreciated his patience and kindness. He also presented me with options on how to deal with any difficulties in the future, which I appreciated. Country Sanitation was referred to me by a family member who had a similar experience with the company. Eugenia A.
  • Eugenia A.

Septic Tank CompaniesinClinton

  • A complete wastewater service that includes septic tank cleaning, grease trap cleaning, and hydro jetting is available. Inspections of septic systems using a video camera. Pump sales and service are available. Repairs and installs of various sizes are available. Septic System Repairs and New Installations is the business description. Emergency Cleaning of sewers and drains Installation of water and sewer lines, failure of excavation Remediation of a septic system Trailer-mounted high-pressure water jetting device Service contracts and maintenance contracts are two types of contracts. Units for video inspection, as well as locating devices Connections with the city for sewage or water excavations All drains have been cleaned. Service that is professional and timely. Licensed and insured to the fullest extent possible
  • Business Description:Competitive pricing on high-quality roofing, siding, and general contracting services. At Seaview Custom Homes, LLC, we provide a comprehensive range of remodeling services that are intended to improve the value of your home. We handle anything from the installation of wood and vinyl siding to the construction of completely new decks and patios. In addition, we provide easy roofing services for residents and business owners throughout the state of California. ResidentialCommercial. Emergency services are available 24 hours a day. Since 1980, we have been providing services to the seashore. We are a licensed and insured business (CT License609268). Al
  • With discounts for Angie’s List members in New Haven county, we provide plumbing, drain cleaning, and water heaters 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We provide emergency assistance around the clock! We also provide service on Saturdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. at no additional fee. Call us immediately or check out our special deals to take advantage of your discounts right here on our profile. Financing for the entire project is available
  • Business Description:A modest firm with only one person provides well water services. Prices that are reasonable. There are several flat-rate fees, yet there is flexibility
  • Entrepreneurial Profile:I have 26 years of experience in the home inspection business as well as previous remodeling contractor experience. I have completed 5,000 home inspections and created individual computer generated detailed home inspection reports with photographs. I am also a home inspector instructor and have written an article on “steam heating” for the Journal of Light Construction. Supervisor of construction projects
  • We specialize in all sorts of plumbing and hot water heating installations and repairs. JT Collins Plumbing has been in business since 2009 and has been serving the local community. We may be reached via phone or text at (203) 500-4639 for a free estimate right now
  • Additional mailing address: PO Box 100, Westbrook, CT 06498. Business Description: A second phone number is (203)245-0833
  • Description of the company:We strive to deliver the greatest quality of service to house purchasers in Connecticut. Business Description: Our well-organized teams conduct a complete top-to-bottom examination and study of the property, frequently exceeding state and industry requirements. Prior to closing, we will walk you through the home with you and give you an overview of the home, including how to maintain and run the mechanicals and systems. This will be in addition to the actual inspection. Reports are prepared on the spot and printed out for you at the conclusion of the inspection, if desired. Business Description:JC Merritt, Inc. is a well-versed organization that specializes in structural repairs and foundation work, as well as the rehabilitation of antique homes and other historic structures. We take great satisfaction in the personal, ethical service we offer our customers, as well as in assisting them in obtaining a product they like.
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  • Your septic tank must be examined and emptied on a regular basis in order to work correctly. The frequency with which you should get your septic tank examined is determined by a number of variables.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Drain Field?

  • A drain field replacement needs extensive digging and testing, as well as a significant investment of time and money. This tutorial will teach you how much it costs to replace a drain field depending on a few important parameters such as the size and kind of septic system that you have

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Small Septic System?

  • Septic tank systems are appropriate for small places with little requirements, such as a studio apartment or guest home with one to two bedrooms and one to two bathrooms. A small septic tank may hold up to 750 or 1,000 gallons of water. We’ll go through everything that goes into determining the price of a small septic system here

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  • The towns of Westbrook, Madison, Deep River, Ivoryton, Killingworth, and Old Saybrook are located in Essex County, Connecticut. The towns of Chester and Guilford are located in Lyme County, Connecticut. The towns of North Branford and Branford are located in East Haddam. The towns of Durham and Northford are located in Northford.
  • The towns of Westbrook, Madison, Deep River, Ivoryton, Killingworth, and Old Saybrook are located in Essex County, Connecticut. The towns of Chester and Guilford are located in Lyme County, Connecticut. The towns of North Branford and East Haddam are located in Durham and Northford respectively.

septic tank servicesinClinton

The following companies are listed in alphabetical order. Join Angi today to see the highest rated service providers as well as their reviews and ratings!

Septic tank companies that service Clinton

  • Clinton, Connecticut 06413
  • National Property Inspections32 Heritage CircleClinton, Connecticut 06413


  • Clinton, Connecticut 06413 National Property Inspections32 Heritage CircleClinton, Connecticut 06413


  • Botts Construction is located at PO Box 1190 in Old Saybrook, Connecticut 06475


  • Delta Van Lines Inc2221 Forsyth rdOrlando, Florida32807
  • Drain Doctor Inc865 Farmington AveBerlin, Connecticut06037


  • Envirotech Septic Service LLC288 Grove Beach Rd NWestbrook,Connecticut06498
  • Envirotech Septic Service LLC288 Grove Beach Rd NWestbrook,Connecticut06498


  • J T Collins Plumbing and Heating23 Marion StWest Haven,Connecticut06516
  • J T Collins Plumbing and Heating23 Marion StWest Haven,Connecticut06516




  • LafataSon Inc522 S Hoop Pole RdGuilford,Connecticut06437
  • LafataSon Inc522 S Hoop Pole RdGuilford,Connecticut06437


  • Mr. Rooter of South Central Connecticut2 Commercial StNorth Branford,Connecticut06471
  • Mr. Rooter of South Central Connecticut2 Commercial StNorth Branford,Connecticut06471


  • Performance PumpWell Services LLC62 Benton LnGlastonbury,Connecticut06033
  • Petrucelli ConstructionPO Box 612Wallingford,Connecticut06492


  • Rhodes Pump Service is located at 2351 Boston Post Rd502 in Guilford, Connecticut.


  • SAVIOUR SEPTIC, LLC is located at 4 N 5TH AVENUE. Taftville,Connecticut06380
  • Seaview Custom Homes LLC308 Pettipaug RdWestbrook,Connecticut06498
  • SepticWorks1 High StOld Lyme,Connecticut06371
  • Sound Home Inspections, Inc.P O Box 393Mystic,Connecticut06355
  • Sound Home Inspections, Inc.P O Box 393My


  • The Reilly Group LLC85 Church StSte 5E New Haven,Connecticut 06510
  • The Reilly Group LLC85 Church StSte 5E


  • Wind River Environmental is located at 40 Production Road in Walpole, Massachusetts.

Angi Ratings

In the United States, Wind River Environmental is located at 40 Production Road in Walpole, Massachusetts.

Best Septic Tank Pumping Services – Clinton CT

Project Location: 06413Date: 01/2022Project Description: Desired completion date:Within 24 hours of starting the project Comment:Water has backed up into the tub, and I am unable to use the restroom. Project Location: 06413Date: 10/2021Project Description: Is this a life-threatening situation?:No Septic System Issues: There are no issues; it is time to pump. When was the last time your septic system was cleaned? Request Stage: Prepared for Hiring Ideally, the project should be completed within one week.

  • After Business Hours: There are none.
  • The last time it was pumped out was in the year 2017.
  • Yes, the property is owned by someone.
  • Pumping the system to its limits.
  • When was the last time your septic system was cleaned?
  • Yes, the property is owned by someone.
  • Project Location: 06413Date: 06/2021Project Description: Is this a life-threatening situation?:No Septic System Issues: There are no issues; it is time to pump.

Request Stage: Preparation Budgeting More than 2 weeks is the preferred completion date.

After Business Hours: There are none.

Approximately four to eight years have passed since the last septic cleaning.

Comment:We’ve been in the house for 5 1/2 years and decided it was time to flush the system out completely.

Approximately four to eight years have passed since the last septic cleaning.

After business hours: NoIf you are the property owner, yes.

After business hours: NoIf you are the property owner, yes.

Project ID: 06413Date: 12/2020 Location: 06413 Is this a life-threatening situation?:No Septic System Issues: There are no issues; it is time to pump.

Request Stage: Prepared for Hiring 1 – 2 weeks is the target completion date.

Comment:I’ve been in the house for 5 years and just need to pump out the system.

washing machine) causing overflow over septic tank or leach field are all possible problems with a septic system.

Request Stage: Prepared for Hiring Ideally, the project should be completed within one week.

Comment: There is a septic tank behind the house.

When was the last time your septic system was cleaned?

Yes, the property is owned by someone.

Project ID: 06413Date: 05/2020Project Location: 06413 Is this a life-threatening situation?:No Septic System Issues: There are no issues; it is time to pump.

Request Stage: Prepared for Hiring Desired completion date: The completion date is negotiable.

Comment:There will be one main tank to be pumped that will serve the entire home, and one cesspool that will serve only one bathroom.

The ground level of the covers is ten to twelve inches below the surface of the earth.

Comment: I’m in need of having my septic tank drained.

Pumping out a septic tank is a common task.

06413Date: September 2019Project Location: 06413Is this an emergency?:No Septic System Issues: There are no issues; it is time to pump.

Request Stage: Preparation Budgeting Desired completion date: The completion date is negotiable.

After Business Hours: There are none.

06413Date:08/2019Project Location: 06413Is this an emergency?

Project ID: 06413Date: 07/2019 Location: 06413 Is this a life-threatening situation?:No Problems with the Septic System:Other Request Stage: Prepared for Hiring 1 – 2 weeks is the target completion date.

When was the last time your septic system was cleaned?

No, I am not the property owner.

The septic tank must be drained prior to a home inspection on June 19th at 4:30 p.m., according to the homeowner.

Project Location: 06413Date: 04/2019Is this an emergency?:No, this is not an emergency.

When was the last time your septic system was cleaned? Request Stage: Prepared for Hiring Desired completion date: The completion date is negotiable. Yes, the property is owned by someone. After Business Hours: There are none. Comment:It was just a routine septic tank cleaning.

Walter- Bill & Sons Septic Service

Septic Services Connecticut ClintonWalter- BillSons Septic Service
Walter- BillSons Septic Service 5 Buell CourtClinton, CT 06413-2603
Middlesex County
Phone:(860) 669-3048
Website: www.walterseptic.com
Walter- BillSons Septic Service Reviews Walter- BillSons Septic Service has been providing septic services in Clinton, Connecticut since 1992.Have you had your septic tank pumped, repaired, or installed byWalter- BillSons Septic Service? Please review the work that was done on your septic system or update the information we have for this business below:
Walter- BillSons Septic Service may be known under the company nameBill WalterSons Septic Svc, orBill WalterSons Septic Svcis the name of a second business operating at this physical location.Contact thisMiddlesex Countybusiness, Walter- BillSons Septic Service, at the above address and phone number for complete details regarding job quotes, operating hours, areas they serve, and what types of septic systems they work on. VisitConnecticut Septic System and Septic Tank Servicesto compare Walter- BillSons Septic Service to other septic service businesses nearby.

Clinton CT Septic Service and Portable Restrooms 860-267-6102

” It was a pleasure to work with them.” We leased a “luxury portable restroom” trailer for my daughter’s wedding reception at Wickham Park in order to provide some more facilities. Every one of our visitors commented on how pleasant they were. Thank you for being such a pleasure to collaborate with. Dianne Roach describes her firm as “reliable and skilled septic service provider.” For the past 16 years, I have depended on Suburban Sanitation to keep my septic system up and running. My septic system, which was previously in poor condition, is now operating at top efficiency thanks to their advice and careful maintenance.

  1. Under the umbrella of Suburban Sanitation, we handle everything related to septic systems.
  2. When it comes to septic service, I would strongly suggest Suburban Sanitation Services to anybody searching for a dependable and skilled firm.
  3. The author, Jonathan Horn, describes himself as “polite, exceedingly courteous, and professional.” Unbelievably excellent service!
  4. Not only did they arrive early, which was a benefit, but they also left the area where the tank cover was in a much better condition than when they arrived.
  5. the Seagraves have provided “excellent service.” As has been customary, we received exceptional service from HM/SSS!
  6. They come highly recommended by me!
  7. ” Recommend “Recommend” “Recommend” “Recommend- Jason D.” Five star service!

We’ve been in our home for 23 years and have always relied on the same sanitation service provided by our municipality.

My husband pulled up the one tank cover that we’d always had pumped and we were on our way to work in no time.

The driver then dug out the soil from the second tank for us and pumped out both tanks at the same time.

Moreover, each and every service was examined.

When I called Mark from Suburban, he immediately resolved the issue without delay or further charge to me.

This is a “A” rating on Angie’s List because the serviceman was friendly and courteous.

Despite the fact that it was winter and the ground was mostly frozen and covered with snow, they were still able to figure out what was going on very swiftly and efficiently.

I had a particular dealing with Jon Carroll, who was always on time and extremely attentive to my questions and concerns.

The work was completed by a highly skilled group, and I was satisfied with my whole experience with them.

Angie’s List “A” Rating & Recommendation “In the meantime, he was always accessible to answer inquiries and resolve difficulties with the malfunctioning system until a new one could be installed.

We have been working with them for about 20 years, starting with our first septic system in West Simsbury and continuing with our current septic system in Middletown.

Mark explained everything from the beginning, from the procedure to the time.

In addition, Mark was always accessible to answer inquiries or handle difficulties with the failed system until the replacement system could be deployed.

Chris Zell is credited with inventing the phrase “It’s all about the money.” ” I will definitely use SSS in the future.” Suburban Sanitation was sent out to my house to perform a routine cleaning and inspection of my septic tank, which they did.

They phoned me later to assure me that everything was great and to inform me that a reminder card would be sent to me when it was time for the next check up.

Superb work, and on time, courteous, and prepared to perform an excellent job!

SSS comes highly recommended, and I intend to use them again.

To say that we were past due for a septic tank pumping would be an understatement of the highest magnitude.

I would absolutely utilize Suburban Sanitation in the future for my sanitation needs, and I would suggest their services to anybody who is looking for them.

They were completely honest with me about what I needed and how the process of installing a new septic system would work (which is VERY detailed with health inspections and building permits).

Other businesses would have most likely passed on the opportunity because of the limits of an ancient property with unknown underground buildings.

Every step was meticulously planned and executed, right down to the contours of the landscape design.

I’m aware that they work across central and eastern Connecticut.

The vehicle was in my driveway in less than 45 minutes after I contacted SSS.” I was in a bad situation with regard to my backup plan.

‘Chuck’ the service technician was absolutely amazing; he had me up and running within minutes of seeing him.

It comes highly recommended!

” Jared’s assistance this weekend has been quite helpful to me.

Things would not have transpired at the two hundred and fifty meter running race and other events if it weren’t for you guys.

– Matthew – – – – – – The service was “pleasant, efficient, and prompt.” During this season, we would want to express our appreciation for the exceptional service done by Zeeky, one of your Green Unit Service Technicians.

No one could ever compare to Ruben, but we believe Zeeky has provided us with the same high-quality service that Ruben did.

The Litchfield Horticultural Center is a non-profit organization.

The quality of the job has always been high.

We have employed them on a number of occasions to pump out our septic tank.

It had been more than a year since I had the system pumped, but we had been advised we could go two years without having to do so.

They showed up when they said they would, explained what they would do to determine the source of the problem, and then fixed the problem for me.

We were quite satisfied.

We were quite concerned since this property is where my very old mother-in-law and her live-in carer stay, and we didn’t want anything to go wrong.

It’s all I can say that Mark from Suburban Sanitation came in and took care of the situation.

Everything was executed to a higher standard than I had anticipated!


Tolkien’s “The Wizard of Oz” ” Everything went smoothly on the job.” We encountered a blockage in our basement shower, which resulted in a slight backup.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Very pleased with the service, and the driver was quite kind and professional.

The restroom was placed just where we needed it!

He was really fantastic.

Once again, thank you so much.

I am quite pleased with the service.

” The cleanliness was fantastic “I was quite pleased with the service, and the cleanliness was outstanding.

We used two porta-Johns in Burlington, Connecticut, on Route 179 and Route 4, and he picked them up on April 10, 2015.

He was quite patient while we made our decision.

Arriving on time- Denise Dieli “Prompt Service ” Two service technicians arrived on time and swiftly discovered my tank before pumping and inspecting it.

It was a fantastic experience.

I received a “A” rating on Angie’s List for prompt service.

I don’t recall the specific cost, but it appeared to be reasonable and reasonable.

My septic tank was overflowing with sewage.

She even went out of her way to find out the specifics of my septic system, which had been filed with the town.

Some employees are wary of homeowners who are there and interested in what is going on; however, these gentlemen were kind and patient as they described what they were doing, how I might prevent the problem, and excellent general practices for my particular septic system, among other things.

This firm comes highly recommended by me.

We have been utilizing SSS for more than 12 years and have received a “A” rating from Angie’s List.

He dialed his employer’s phone number, and by the time he was finished, his boss had arrived with a new cover.

We have been using this firm since we first moved into our home 12 years ago.

He also recommended that single-ply paper be used for bathroom cleaning and that paint equipment and brushes should never be cleaned with water in the sinks.

I just wanted to share it with you.

on the day of the scheduled pumping and inspection for a four-hour window.

The driver was extremely courteous and professional throughout the entire journey.

I intend to make use of them in the future.

The service representative was kind and well-informed. He arrived early and did the job in a short amount of time. I will absolutely use their services again in the future. Angie’s List “A” Rating & Recommendation


Make a phone call today to obtain a FREE consultation for any and all of your septic system service and repair requirements. 860-227-5278 Septic installation, maintenance, and repair are among our specialties. With more than 20 years of expertise, you can be certain of receiving high-quality work in a professional setting on every occasion. Find out more about septic tank services. Our expertise extends beyond septic system maintenance. Using our tools and equipment, you may obtain assistance with other outdoor renovation jobs as well.

When it comes to dealing with your septic system, we give you with the highest-quality labor, unparalleled expertise, and utmost cleanliness.

Our company has been in operation since 1992, and we understand how vital it is to provide quality and professionalism when it comes to your home or business.

Learn more about general contracting by visiting our website.

Septic Tank Cleaning / Pumping in CT – Andrews-Perry Construction

Since 1988, Andrews-Perry Construction, Inc. has been a licensed septic installer and repairer in the state of Florida. In 2002, we expanded our services to include septic tank cleaning.

​Frequency of Septic Tank Cleaning / Pumping

Septic tank pumping on a regular basis is essential for extending the life of your septic system and preventing it from failing. It is advised that the septic tank be pumped out every two to five years, depending on the number of people living in the house and how much they use it. Tank pumping on a regular basis helps to keep sediments from building up in the tank and discharging into the leaching fields. Cleaning is more frequent when a garbage disposal is used or if a septic tank is smaller than 1,000 gallons in capacity.

​Importance of Regular Septic Tank Cleanings

The primary objective for doing frequent pump-outs is to keep solid debris from entering the leach fields and clogging the system. Septic tanks naturally break down solid waste as it enters the tank due to bacterial action occurring within the tank. Sludge is collected at the bottom of the tank as a result of this natural breakdown. With each layer of sludge that accumulates inside the tank, it becomes more probable that it will be stirred up each time fluids are introduced into the tank through the inlet.

The solid debris can accumulate over time and clog the leaching region, preventing fluids from properly exiting the septic tank and draining into the underlying soils.

Tank cleaning on a regular basis is a vital and reasonably affordable technique to avoid this possible problem from occurring. Generally speaking, when the sludge layer takes up more than one-third of the septic tank’s volume, it is time to get it cleaned out.

Septic Tank Cleaning Cost

Septic system cleaning costsrange from $280 to $350 to pump the tank depending on tank size. There is an additional charge of $20 per lid for reasonable hand digging to expose the tank lids, but this cost can be avoided if you expose the lids yourself. (Never open the septic tank cover – this will be done by a licensed tank cleaner.) This equates to just about $100 annually to help maintain the life of your septic system. Prices are subject to change.

Other Possible Costs with Septic Tank Clean Outs

There can be other per hour and per foot costs associated with the following:Installing risersto bring the tank lid within 12″ of the final grade as required by theTechnical Standards of the Connecticut Public Health Codeeffective January 1, 2000.Replacing the outlet filter.Filter cleaning is included in the pumping service, however if the filter is deteriorated or appears to be not functioning a recommendation will be made to replace the filter.Excessive solid buildup.This can occur by not having the tank cleaned regularly and it can take considerably more time to pump and empty the tank. Additional hourly rates apply when dealing with excessive solids.

Septic System Replacement Fund

In order to assist households in replacing cesspools and septic systems, the Septic System Replacement Fund Program provides financial assistance to local governments. According to the information provided below, participating counties will award grants to property owners to pay them for up to 50% of the expenses (up to a maximum of $10,000) of their qualified septic system projects. In order to select priority geographic regions in which property owners are eligible to participate, the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the Department of Health considered the following factors:

  • The presence of a single-source aquifer that provides drinking water
  • And Water quality impairments associated with failed septic systems that have been documented, and/or the ability of septic system modifications to reduce water quality problems

In future financing rounds, the DEC and the Department of Health and Human Services will re-evaluate priority waterbodies.


In accordance with program requirements, participating counties are responsible for assessing and analyzing the applications and determining whether or not to offer financial assistance. In making this determination, the following factors are taken into account: the position of the property in respect to a waterbody, the influence on groundwater that is utilized for drinking water, and the state of the property owner’s present septic system Following the evaluation of the applications and the determination of funding decisions, the participating counties notify the property owners of their grant awards by mailing them grant award letters.

Eligible Projects

  • Installation, replacement, or upgrading of a septic system or septic system components
  • Or, replacement of a cesspool with a septic system
  • Or Installation of modern treatment technologies, including a nitrogen removal system, to improve water quality.

Eligible Costs

  • Costs associated with system design and installation
  • System costs
  • System components
  • Enhanced treatment methods
  • Costs of design (limited exclusively to the effort required to complete the approved design)
  • And

Ineligible Costs

  • Maintenance on a regular basis, such as pumping out a septic tank
  • Expenditures that have not been properly reported
  • Fees charged by the government
  • Interest and late fees
  • Fines and penalties are levied. Payment of sales tax
  • Site beautifying or internal plumbing changes that aren’t absolutely necessary
  • The engineer is in charge of the administrative tasks. if the engineer, or a business owned, managed, or employed by the engineer, is also responsible for the repair or replacement, the engineer will observe the construction process

Participating Counties

Maintenance on a regular basis, such as pumping out a septic tank. expenditures that have not been properly documented Interest and late fines, as well as the cost of the government permission. In addition to fines and penalties Payment of the sales tax owed Beautification of the site or internal plumbing modifications that are not required; The engineer is in charge of administrative tasks. if the engineer, or a business owned, managed, or employed by the engineer, is also responsible for the repair or replacement, the engineer will observe the construction process.

Participating County Eligible Waterbodies Local Program Contact
Allegany *Canacadea Creek, Upper, and minor tribs (0503-0005) Tyler J. Shaw585-268-9254
Broome Park Creek and tribs (0601-0031)*Whitney Point Lake/Reservoir (0602-0004)*Fly Pond, Deer Lake, *Sky Lake (1404-0038) Creig Hebdon607-778-2863
Cayuga Owasco Lake (0706-0009)Lake Como (0705-0029)Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-South (0705-0050)Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-North (0705-0025)Cayuga Lake, Northern End (0705-0030)Skaneateles Lake (0707-0004) Eileen O’Connor315-253-1244
Chautauqua *Findley Lake (0202-0004)Chautauqua Lake, North (0202-0072) William T. Boria, P.G.P: 716.753.4772F: 716.753.4344
Chenango *Chenango Lake (0601-0013)*Guilford Lake (0601-0012) Isaiah SuttonP: 607-337-1673 F: 607-337-1720
Clinton *Upper Chateauguay Lake (0902-0034)Isle LaMotte (1000-0001) Ryan Davies518-565-4870
Columbia Robinson Pond (1308-0003)Copake Lake (1310-0014) Edward Coons
Cortland Skaneateles Lake (0707-0004) Michael J. Ryan
Delaware Susquehanna River, Main Stem (0601-0020) Nick Carbone607-832-5434
Dutchess Hillside Lake (1304-0001)Sylvan Lake (1304-0029) Marie-Pierre Brule845-486-3464
Essex Willsboro Bay (1001-0015)Lake George (1006-0016) Hannah Neilly518-873-3686hannah.neilly
Genesee Tonawanda Creek, Middle, Main Stem (0102-0002)Bowen Brook and tribs (0102-0036)Bigelow Creek and tribs (0402-0016)Oatka Creek, Middle and minor tribs (0402-0031) Thomas Sacco585-344-2580 Ext. 5496
Hamilton Lake Eaton (0903-0056) Erica Mahoney
Herkimer North Winfield Creek and Tribs (0601-0035) Jim Wallace
Jefferson Moon Lake (0905-0093)Guffin Bay (0303-0025)Saint Lawrence River, Main Stem (0901-0004)*Red Lake (0906-0039)*Indian River, Lower, and minor tribs (0906-0021)*Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0005)*Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0030)*Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0031)*Indian River, Middle, and minor tribs (0906-0032) Sara Freda315-785-3144
Lewis Beaver River, Lower, and tribs (0801-0187) Casandra Buell
Livingston Conesus Lake (0402-0004) Mr. Mark Grove585-243-7280
Monroe Irondequoit Bay (0302-0001)Mill Creek and tribs (0302-0025)Shipbuilders Creek and tribs (0302-0026)Minor Tribs to Irondequoit Bay (0302-0038)Hundred Acre Pond (0302-0034) Gerry Rightmyer585-753-5471
Nassau County Wide Brian Schneider516-571-6725
Onondaga Skaneateles Lake (0707-0004)Seneca River, Lower, Main Stem (0701-0008) Jeffrey Till315-435-6623 Ext. 4503
Ontario Honeoye Lake (0402-0032)*Canadice Lake (0402-0002)*Canandaigua Lake (0704-0001)*Hemlock Lake (0402-0011)*Seneca Lake, Main Lake, North (0705-0026)*Seneca Lake, Main Lake, Middle (0705-0021) Megan Webster585-396-1450
Oswego *Lake Ontario Shoreline, Eastern (0303-0030)*Lake Ontario Shoreline, Eastern (0303-0031)*Lake Ontario Shoreline, Eastern (0303-0017)*Lake Ontario Shoreline, Oswego (0302-0040)*Lake Ontario Shoreline, Central (0302-0041) Donna Scanlon315-349-8292
Otsego Goodyear Lake (0601-0015)Susquehanna River, Main Stem (0601-0020) Tammy Harris607-547-4228
Putnam Oscawana Lake (1301-0035)East Branch Croton, Middle, and tribs (1302-0055)Palmer Lake (1302-0103) Joseph Paravati845-808-1390 Ext. 43157
Rensselaer Nassau Lake (1310-0001) Richard Elder
Saint Lawrence Saint Lawrence River, Main Stem (0901-0004)Raquette River, Lower, and minor tribs (0903-0059)Little River and tribs (0905-0090) Jason Pfotenhauer315-379-2292
Saratoga Dwaas Kill and tribs (1101-0007) Dustin Lewis518-885-6900
Schoharie Summit Lake (1202-0014) Shane Nickle518-295-8770.us
Schuyler Waneta Lake (0502-0002)Lamoka Lake and Mill Pond (0502-0001) Darrel Sturges607-535-6868
Seneca Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-North (0705-0025)Cayuga Lake, Northern End (0705-0030)Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-South (0705-0050) Tom Scoles315-539-1947
Steuben Smith Pond (0502-0012)*Almond Lake (0503-0003)Waneta Lake (0502-0002)*Lamoka Lake and Mill Pond (0502-0001)*Keuka Lake (0705-0003) Matthew Sousa607-664-2268
Suffolk County Wide Joan Crawford631-852-5811
Tompkins Cayuga Lake, Southern End (0705-0040)Cayuga Lake, Main Lake, Mid-South (0705-0050) Liz Cameron607-274-6688
Warren Lake George (1006-0016) Claudia Braymer
Washington Cossayuna Lake (1103-0002)Lake George (1006-0016) Corrina Aldrich
Wayne Blind Sodus Bay (0302-0021)Lake Ontario Shoreline, Central (0302-0044) Lindsey Gusterslagn315-946-7200
Westchester Lake Meahagh (1301-0053)Truesdale Lake (1302-0054) Heather McVeigh
Wyoming Java Lake (0104-0004)Silver Lake (0403-0002)Oatka Creek, Middle, and minor tribs (0402-0031) Stephen Perkins585-786-8857 ext. 5163

* Only eligible for funding in Round 1 of the competition.

Program SummaryOutline

Last updated on October 19, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

The program is handled by participating counties, and each county has a Local Program Contact who can assist in determining eligibility and the following stages in the program’s administration and implementation. Please refer to the Participating Counties section of this website to identify your county’s Local Program Contact and make contact with them directly.

My county is not listed on the eligible county list, am I eligible?

You are not eligible for the program if your county is not mentioned in the Participating Counties section of the website. However, you may wish to contact your local County Health or Planning Department to see if there are any additional services available to you that the county may be able to provide.

I do not see my waterbody listed as one of the Eligible Waterbodies, can it be added to the program?

The finalized list of qualifying waterbodies for Round 2 has been released. The law that established the program was aimed at improving water quality in waterbodies that had recorded deficiencies due to septic system contamination at the time of its inception. In order to comply with the legislative intent of the program, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation developed screening criteria for Round 2 that were focused on documented water quality impairments and the potential for septic replacement to improve water quality to improve water quality.

How do I provide NYSDEC water quality data that my local group collects?

Please keep in mind that the links in this response will take you away from the EFC website. During the data solicitation period, all information should be sent to the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. The data solicitation period for the 2020/2022 Integrated Report/(303(d) List) is now ongoing. Making Waves, a monthly e-newsletter from the DEC Division of Waters, published an announcement in the Environmental Notice Bulletin on May 19th and the Environmental Notice Bulletin on May 21st.

Making Waves will be delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

I live in one of the five NYC Boroughs, is my property eligible for the program?

Because New York City is still in the process of expanding its sewage infrastructure, none of the five boroughs (Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, or Staten Island) are eligible for the State Septic Replacement Program at this time. Sewerage is the most effective method of improving water quality. People who have septic systems on their properties or who are considering installing septic systems are invited to contact the New York City Department of Environmental Protection to learn about their alternatives.


Forms for County Use

Should you purchase a home that has a failing septic system? In the event that you fall in love with a property only to discover during the home inspection that the septic system is in terrible condition, you may find yourself wrestling with this subject. In most cases, septic systems are installed because the property is located in a rural region where there is no public sewer available, or the home is older and while it previously did not have access to a public sewer, it now does—though it may not have been connected yet.

Here’s when a faulty septic system is a deal breaker and when it isn’t a deal breaker.

Bad septic system: Repair or replace?

“Septic tanks are a straightforward mechanism,” says agent Adam Wise of Pearson Smith Realty in Washington, DC, who explains that water flows into the tank and is displaced by the equal quantity of water that travels to the drain field. Tree roots encroaching on the soil around the drain field are a common source of septic system difficulties. It may just take a few minutes to clean the roots to make a simple remedy. Alternatively, a septic system may be malfunctioning because the tank baffle—the device that separates the tank from the drain field—needs to be repaired.

Minor repairs might cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

Failure indicates that the septic system is no longer capable of treating and distributing wastewater. Toilets that drain slowly and standing wastewater on the ground above the drain field are both indications that a new septic system is required at the residence.

How much does a septic system cost to replace?

It’s possible that a property’s listing price has been reduced due to a septic system failure, and that the house is a wonderful bargain depending on the sort of system that will need to be installed, according to Wise. When replacing an existing septic system in the same location as the previous one, the average cost is $10,000 to $15,000, depending on the soil and the kind of system that is being constructed.

Septic systems and financing

Keep in mind that a faulty septic system makes it more difficult for a buyer to obtain financing for a home. According to Holly Gray, a broker at Re/Max Pacific Realty in Bellevue, Washington, “it is frequently the case that the lender may need a functional septic system on standard financing choices.” “The Federal Housing Administration will not authorize a loan on a property with a defective septic system.”

Who pays for septic system repairs: The buyer or the seller?

It is common practice in most states for house sellers to cover the expense of repairing or replacing the septic system. If the septic system is beyond repair, you may be able persuade the sellers to replace it totally. Agent Two houses with poor systems were recently sold by Aaron Hendon of Christine Company at Keller Williams in Seattle. In each case, the seller covered the replacement costs, and the work was done prior to the closing date of the transaction.

When replacing a septic may not be worth it

“If the leach field itself has failed, it is possible that the entire septic system may need to be relocated to a new place on the property,” says Welmoed Sisson, a Maryland home inspector. An experienced septic expert will inspect the site for system needs, such as the position of the system in relation to any available water sources. According to Wise, you’ll also need to have a soil evaluation, which would cost around $1,500. It is expected that soil professionals would examine the soil type and slope of the land.

Many current systems are level with the ground, however new rules may no longer permit this and may need ugly remedial measures to be implemented.

The former is unattractive, while the latter may necessitate monthly pump-outs.

Keep in mind that a failing system might have polluted the soil in the area surrounding its original position, so do soil testing to see whether there is any possible ground contamination at the former location.

Septic systems and home improvements

It’s important to understand that if you’re planning a big makeover in a home with a septic system, you’ll need to first connect to the public sewer system (assuming that one is accessible, of course) before you can proceed. According to Gray, the state of the septic tank will not be a consideration in this situation because it will no longer be in use. The buyer is responsible for the expense of connecting to the municipal sewer system, which is not insignificant. “We spoke with our septic firm about how much they estimated it would cost to connect our former house to the sewer,” Sisson explains.

Or to put it another way, an inefficient septic system may always be used to your advantage. It was first published on realtor.comReal ®’s Estate News and Insights blog, Should You Buy a House With a Bad Septic System?

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