Subnautica How To Get Sam The Septic Tank? (Question)

  • Now we need to redeem the code to recieve the Septic Tank 1. After opening Subnautica, go into the settings menu from the title screen 2. Then select “Redeem a Key” and paste in the code below:

Can you still get the septic tank in Subnautica?

You will recieve the Septic Tank in your Steam inventory, and will now be able to craft it in-game (using 1 titanium and 1 glass)! Note: this only works on the Steam version of Subnautica, it will not work on the Epic or Playstation versions.

What is Septiceye Sam?

Septic Sam, Septiceye Sam, the septiceye or simply known as Sam, is the mascot of Jacksepticeye’s channel. He is a giant green eye with a blue iris and small darker green veins showing from the inside.

Is Markiplier in Subnautica?

The Doll is a small figurine of the popular Youtuber Markiplier, who made a Let’s Play series of Subnautica. The doll will say various quotes from Markiplier if clicked on after being crafted and placed, and can play a higher pitched version of his outro. The doll is intended to be an Easter Egg.

Can you redeem codes in Subnautica?

One either needs to have purchased the Subnautica Special Edition or have a special activation code that can be redeemed in an in-game menu. Redeeming a code successfully adds the item in question to the player’s Steam inventory and unlocks it inside the game.

Is there a Jacksepticeye reference in Subnautica?

Upon crafting a coffee machine, the PDA will state “Ah, the sweet scent of dirty bean water.” this is a reference to a quote by a Youtuber Jacksepticeye, where he refers to coffee as dirty bean water.

How tall is Jacksepticeye?

Seán William McLoughlin, known by his online pseudonym as Jacksepticeye or just simply Jack, is an Irish YouTuber who creates videos on video games, sketches and occasional vlogs. He previously resided in Athlone, Ireland, and currently resides in Brighton, England.

What Lifepod has the Markiplier?

To find the Markiplier doll you need to find lifepod 7 which is somewhere right by the aurora but watch out for Reaper Leviathan’s because there sometimes in the area where lifepod 7 is.

What is the last Lifepod in Subnautica?

As the Aurora descended through the atmosphere of Planet 4546B, life pods were launched as an emergency protocol. The only capsule left intact in Subnautica was life pod 5.

What Lifepod is the Markiplier doll in?

The doll is not automatically given to the player nor can it be looted from the environment like other decorations in the game. Instead, players will need to gain the schematic for an “Unusual Doll” by locating lifepod 7 and scanning the miniature bobblehead within.

Subnautica – How To Get The JackSepticEye Septic Tank

It is unnecessary to search any further if you are looking for information on how to obtain the JackSepticEye Septic Tank Item in Subnautica. It was announced that the possibility to redeem a code in-game will be removed once Subnautica was completely published. However, I have discovered a way to redeem codes in-game. This implies that you will be able to quickly and simply obtain the Septic Tank if you utilize a code.

Getting The JackSepticEye Septic Tank (Using Code)

Subnautica’s experimental version is made available for play. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  1. Navigate to your Library’s home page. Subnautica’s properties may be accessed by right-clicking the game’s icon. Select the ‘betas’ tab from the menu bar. Click on the ‘experimental’ beta option in the dropdown menu. Click on the X to end the window.
  • Allow Subnautica to update and then start the game when it is finished
  • Now you may play. We must redeem the ticket in order to receive the Septic Tank at this time.

After launching Subnautica, navigate to the settings menu by pressing the corresponding button on the title screen. Then click on “Redeem a Key” and enter the code that follows into the box: Closing the game and returning to the ‘betas’ tab and selecting ‘none’ from the dropdown menu should be sufficient after applying this key combination After receiving the Septic Tank in your Steam inventory, you’ll be able to create it in-game (with one titanium and one glass) immediately. Please keep in mind that this will only function on the Steam version of Subnautica; the Epic or Playstation versions will not work.

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Giveaway Items are items that may be placed on the ground and are created using the Habitat Builder. They can only be put inside of the CyclopsorSeabases, and not anywhere else. Access to these materials is currently limited due to the nature of the situation. One must either have acquired the Subnautica Unique Edition or have a special activation code that can be used in an in-game menu in order to access the underwater world. When a code is properly redeemed, the item in question is successfully added to the player’s Steam inventory and is unlocked within the game.

Unless otherwise stated, all Giveaway Items (with the exception of the Special Edition Hull Plate and the models) are marketable inside the Steam economy.

Special Hull Plate Upgrade

  • The Special Hull Plate Upgrade is a version of the Hull Plate that was only accessible to those who purchased the Subnautica Special Edition through theHumbleBundle, which is no longer available
  • It was formerly known as the Special Hull Plate Upgrade. Each of these plates is marked with a unique, manually inserted number as well as the date of purchase. Because manually constructing these plates proved to be both time-consuming and difficult, the Special Hull Plate Upgrade was phased out in favor of other options. Photographer’s caption: “Limited edition numbered hull plate” (thank you!).
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Dev Test Item

  • Flayra is a nickname for Charlie Cleveland, who goes by the name of Charlie Cleveland. From the game Unknown Worlds: Subnautica, it is well-known. Caption:This is a completely pointless object that you shouldn’t even desire. It might be a lot better
  • About the Dev Test Item Hull Plate: The Hull Plate is dedicated to Subnautica Game Director Charlie Cleveland.

Bikeman Hull Plate

  • Bikeman (BikestMan) is a nickname for a biker. Unknown
  • A fictitious name YouTube and Steam are where you may find Bikeman. Caption:Bikeman, the biker of men, rides his tricycle squad across games large and small. If you happen to run across him in Cherno, he is most likely not nice.

Diorama Hull Plate

  • Nickname: Dchicote
  • Given name: Andreas
  • Starred in: Steam
  • Information: The Diorama Hull Plate is dedicated to Dchicote, who created a small replica of aSeabase within a glass display for Subnautica, which is featured on the plate. Check out his models by clicking here. a special Hull Plate to honor an exceptional diorama, as depicted in the caption

Eat My Diction Hull Plate

(This item was purchased at Community Market.)

  • Nickname: EatMyDiction1
  • Real name: Nick Mead
  • Well-known for his work on YouTube
  • From 2011 until the present, Diction has been dictating the good word of gaming on Twitch TV by running the most sober streams on the whole platform.

Gilathiss Hull Plate

  • Name: Krystian Boczyk
  • Nickname: Gilathiss
  • Known for:YouTube
  • Caption:Polish YouTuber
  • Nickname: Gilathiss Has the most extensive “Subnautica” series in Poland. The majority of the time, I record survival and sandbox games. He also creates movies for indie and early access games, among other things.

Indie Game Promoter Hull Plate

  • Independent Game Promoter, as the name implies, promotes indie games of all sizes and genres. Nickname: IGP
  • Name: Adrian
  • Known from:YouTube

JackSepticEye Hull Plate

  • JackSepticEye is a nick name for Sean William McLoughlin, who goes by the name of Sean William McLoughlin. He is most known for his YouTube videos, which are clean and acceptable for viewers aged fourteen and over.

LordMinion Hull Plate

  • Known by the username LordMinion777, the given name Wade Barnes, and the platform YouTube. Caption: The most beautiful Subnautica Hull Plate ever created.

Markiplier Hull Plate

  • Nickname: Markiplier
  • Real name: Mark Fischbach
  • Well-known for:YouTube
  • Caption: I’m not frightened It’s not even close to being true.

Muyskerm Hull Plate

  • Nickname: Markiplier
  • Real name: Mark Fischbach
  • Well-known for:YouTube
  • Caption:I’m not frightened Absolutely not even in the slightest.


Everything on the Hull Plate, with the exception of the special edition Hull Plate, the IGP Hull Plate, and the Gilathiss Hull Plate, is included within a Seabase Upgrade to the Hull Plate on a special basis Item for development testing Bikeman Hull Plate is a type of plate used by bikers. Take a bite out of my diction Plate for the Hull Markiplier Hull Plate is a type of hull plate that is used to mark the location of a markiplier. JackSeptic Plate for the Hull of the Eye Lordminion Hull Plate (Lord of the Rings) Hull Plate from Muyskerm

Jack’s Septic Tank

Another homage to prominent YouTuber JackSepticEye is a replica of his channel mascot Septiceye Sam in a jar, which is another tribute to JackSepticEye.

As soon as the button is pressed, Jack’s Septic Tank will jitter about and emit high-pitched voice lines from the character JackSepticEye. SMHB-VC57-V748-8EGU-1EO is the code for this item. (can only be redeemed 1,000 times before it stops working)

An Unusual Doll 2

Wilford Warfstache is a fictional character created by Markiplier, and this figure represents him. With the exception of a slightly altered posture and a huge, pink moustache, it is similar to the other odd doll in the collection. When the doll is activated, it will speak lines from Markiplier’s voice recorder.


“EatMyDiction” is the name of a prominent YouTuber who was the subject of a previous homage. The cat Marla, his pet, is represented by this model.


  • The flavour text for the Bikeman Hull Plate is a nod to DayZ, a zombie survival mod for the game ARMA 2, which was released in 2012. The nickname “Cherno” refers to Chernogorsk, the largest city in the mod
  • The flavour text for the EatMyDiction Hull Plate alludes to Diction’s frequent and popular “drunk streams,” in which he and his friends get extremely intoxicated while playing and livestreaming videogames
  • And the name “Cherno” refers to Chernogorsk, the largest city in the mod. Because of a glitch in the most recent stable releases of Subnautica, the things won through giveaways are presently unusable in-game. During experimental builds, the goods are still possible to be constructed


v·d·eBuildable seabase modules inSubnautica
Habitat Compartments Alien ContainmentBulkheadI CompartmentGlass CompartmentL CompartmentL Glass CompartmentT CompartmentX CompartmentFoundationHatchLadderMoonpoolMultipurpose RoomObservatoryReinforcementScanner RoomSpotlightVehicle Upgrade ConsoleVertical ConnectorWall PlanterWater Filtration MachineWindow
Power BioreactorNuclear ReactorPower TransmitterSolar PanelThermal Plant
Appliances AquariumBattery ChargerBedsBenchCoffee Vending MachineFabricatorExterior GrowbedIndoor GrowbedLockerMedical Kit FabricatorModification StationPlant PotPlant ShelfPicture FramePower Cell ChargerRadioSignVending MachineWall Locker
Miscellaneous An Unusual DollBar TableCapsChairCounterDeskGiveaway ItemsNuclear Waste DisposalSingle Wall ShelfTrash CanWall PlanterWall Shelves

How to get Jack’s Septic Tank and Mark’s Unusual Doll LEGIT in game! – Steam Solo

Have you ever watched Jacksepiceye’s gameplay and wondered, “How in the world did he get Sam?!?” Or perhaps you saw Markiplier’s Let’s Play and fell in love with the tiny bobblehead and wished you could have it so badly? This is the guide that you’ve been looking for!

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So, you’re really interested in that tasty YouTuber merchandise, ayy? That is to say, you’ve arrived to the correct location!

Jack’s Septic Tank

To obtain this one-of-a-kind item, you must first navigate to the “Settings” option from the title screen (don’t worry, this will not require you to hack the game in any way!). Then click on “Redeem a Key” and copy the code that appears below: SMHB-VC57-V748-8EGU-1EO You may now create Jack’s Septic Tank in any file you choose! (Please keep in mind that this only works on PCs.)

The Unusual Doll (Markiplier)

Mark’s item, in contrast to Jack’s, does not need the use of a code. In reality, he’s just sitting in a lifepod! To be more specific, Lifepod 7. Because the co-ordinators of this lifepod have been compromised, you’ll have to undertake a little detective work. It is, however, the most straightforward and least risky to begin at your lifepod and proceed directly south on the compass needle. You should eventually come to the crag field biome, which is comprised of the following: You must proceed past the first type of “mountain” of rock that you encounter and peek behind the second one that you encounter.

Looking inside, you’ll see that it’s Markiplier himself, right there!

Random Trivia!

It is not necessary to use a code to purchase Mark’s item, in contrast with Jack’s item. To be more precise, he is just enclosed within an oxygen-filled lifepod! To be precise, Lifepod 7. Because the co-ordinators of this lifepod have been compromised, you’ll have to undertake some detective work. Start from your lifepod, and travel exactly south on the compass, as this is the quickest and least perilous route. You should eventually come upon the crag field biome, which is comprised of the following vegetation types: The first type of “mountain” of rock you come across must be passed before you can see behind the second type of rock you come across.

Looking inside, you’ll see that it’s Markiplier himself!

Subnautica: 8 Hidden Details You Might Have Missed

Subnautica is a wildly popular open-world crafting and survival game that has garnered a lot of attention. As with Minecraft, it is an example of how the early access concept may be successful. The game was released in December 2014 and has since received a slew of upgrades that have brought new gameplay and features to its universe. Everything, even the plot, would change over time. When the complete version was ultimately published in 2018, it was welcomed with a resounding reception from users.

The game, on the other hand, has grown in scope over time, and as a result, many players find themselves losing out on certain features of the game. From simple Easter eggs to unusual methods to interact with the landscape, there is a lot to be discovered by players who aren’t looking for them.

8Jack’s Septic Tank

Open-world crafting and survival game Subnauticahas become a wildly popular hit. It’s a success story for the early access concept in the same vein asMinecraft, to be sure. Several updates have been released since the game’s initial release in December 2014, which have brought additional systems and features to the game’s universe. So would the tale itself get more and more complex over time. Upon its debut in 2018, a fully functional version of the game was welcomed with overwhelming adoration.

Since its inception in 1997, however, the game has grown in scope, and many players find themselves missing key features of it.

7An Unusual Doll

It has been reported that this doll may be discovered in Life Pod 7 by the YouTuber Markiplier. Markiplier, whose actual name is Mark Fischbach, is a passionate supporter of the game. The game’s storyline and atmosphere were the subject of a lengthy Let’s Play series, which he published on YouTube. While the doll has features that are similar to him at the time, such as dyed red hair (which was done for charity), it also speaks in a high pitched voice, saying lines from his videos (or just yells).

The doll is said to have been constructed by the Lifepod’s defective fabricator, according to the story.

6Natural Selection 2 Poster

This Easter egg may be discovered in The Aurora as well as two explorable wrecks on the Grassy Plateaus, making it quite straightforward to locate. TheNatural Selectionseries was created prior to the release of Subnautica and comprises of two installments. The first is a Half-Life mod, whereas the second was a fully-fledged video game that was published in 2012. The poster is based on genuine artwork for the gameNatural Selection 2, albeit it has no relevance to the plot of Subnautica as a whole.

5Future Perfect Items

Throughout the game, players will be able to discover artifacts that are a nod to the game Future Perfect. The game was developed by Unknown World Entertainment, however it has not received an update since it was released in 2015. As of right now, it appears to be less of a game and more of an early prototype for something that may or may not turn out to be a game in the future. The alien gun and the doomsday weapon, both of which are references to the film Future Perfect, may be located in their own cases within the Quarantine Enforcement Platform, which can be found in the Quarantine Enforcement Platform.

Due to the fact that they might just be recycled components and nothing more, this does not appear to show any form of connectivity between the two games.

4Tamable Stalkers

Stalkers are notoriously difficult to tame, and many players are unaware that they have the capacity to do so to some extent. Stalkers are aggressive creatures, but providing them with a fish that can be caught would momentarily calm them down. However, this is only applicable to wild Stalkers. Unless they are attempting to steal cameras or assault player vehicles, Hatched Stalkers will stay completely passive. Metal salvage will also be discovered by Tamed Stalkers, who will return it to the player as a gift.

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3Developer Names

Stalkers are notoriously difficult to tame, and many players are unaware that they have the capacity to do so to some degree. Stalkers are aggressive creatures, but providing them with a fish that they can capture would momentarily calm them down. Stalkers that roam free are exempt from this restriction. Unless they are attempting to steal cameras or assault player vehicles, Hatched Stalkers will stay passive. Tamed Stalkers will also search for metal scrap and return it to the player as a present to show their appreciation.

2CHBCLive Tribute

When CHBCLive, a forum user and Subnautica player, unfortunately passed away in 2018 due to stomach cancer, it was a sad day for the whole Subnautica community. A Easter egg was created in his honor by the creators as a way of paying respect to him. The Translation Device, which can be located in the Primary Containment Facility, served as a memorial to the deceased. CHBCLive was largely renowned for creating tutorials and translating portions of the game into Chinese, but they also created other content.

According to the in-game material, this gadget can save linguistic data from over 1,000 distinct languages at one time.

1Neebs Gaming Easter Egg

Ever since its initial early access release in 2014, Subnautica has become a popular game among YouTubers. On one of the gaming channels, Neebs Gaming, they would create amusing films throughout the early and beta stages of the game, which would include their own original narratives and characters. In preparation for the formal release, the creators had members of the channel voice a few of characters that the player hears on the radio during the game. In the background, they can be heard debating about what sort of sandwich they would want a colleague to acquire for them at lunchtime at the deli.

Below Zero Grand Theft Auto 6 has been officially confirmed by Rockstar Games.

Continue reading this article a little bit about the author Gregory Louis Gomez’s full name is Gregory Louis Gomez.

EGLE – SepticSmart

Michigan Do Your Part and Educate Yourself about SepticSmart! An annual SepticSmart Week is sponsored by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with federal, state and local agencies, as well as commercial sector partners, to urge American homeowners and communities to properly manage their sewage systems. In order to conserve and encourage the smart use of Michigan’s internationally distinctive water resources, the state has developed a vision. Michigan’s Water Heritage: A Strategic Plan for Sustaining Michigan’s Water Heritage articulates this objective (Water Strategy).

Failing septic systems may contaminate groundwater and harm the environment if they are not properly maintained, since they can release bacteria, viruses, and household toxics into nearby rivers.

Homeowners should follow these simple guidelines: It Should Be Protected and Inspected: According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, homeowners should have their system evaluated every three years by a competent expert, or as recommended by their state or local health agency.

Consider the following when you’re at the sink: It is best not to flush fats, grease, and sediments down the toilet.

Don’t overburden the toilet bowl: Only flush anything down the toilet or down the drain that belong there.

Don’t Put Too Much Pressure on Your Drain: Conserve water and spread out your water consumption.

To avoid overburdening a system that hasn’t been pumped recently, distribute laundry and dishwashing loads throughout the day.

Fill up your Tank: Pumping your tank on a regular basis can help to avoid your septic system from failing prematurely, which can result in groundwater contamination.

Testing your drinking water well is the most effective method of ensuring that your well water is clear of contaminants.

In addition, it acts as an online resource for industry practitioners, local governments, and community groups, offering access to resources that may be used to educate customers and people about their products and services.

Brochures and other resources are included below: The Proclamation of SepticSmart Week Contribute in Your Own Way.

English|Spanish Using Your Septic System Properly (Dos and Don’ts)English|Spanish Advanced Treatment Unit: What to Do and What Not to Do English|Spanish Don’t Put Too Much on Your Toilet!

Restaurants and kitchens will benefit from this poster.

Video Tip of the Day Videos with Quick Tips Septic Systems on a Residential Rental Property This week is SepticSmart Week.

Protect Your Playing Field! Video Tip of the Day Consider what you’re doing at the sink! The Top 10 Ways to Be a Responsible Septic System Owner English|Spanish If Your Septic System Fails, Here’s What to Do

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