How To Open Gas Tank On Septic Truck My Summer Car? (Question)

  • Click the hose on the right side of the truck and it should fall off. Drop the hose fully down the well, avoiding kinks, go back inside the cabin, and turn on the hydraulic pump. Once you turn on the pump, you must turn on the hand throttle which is to the left of the ignition.

How do I empty my sewage truck my summer car?

To dump the waste, park the truck just enough inside so that the rear wheels are at the doorway, open the spill valve, and wait until no more sewage pours out.

How do I use the poop truck in my summer car?

Doing the pump job Click the hose on the right side of the truck and it should fall off. Drop the hose fully down the well, avoiding kinks, go back inside the cabin, and turn on the hydraulic pump. Once you turn on the pump, you must turn on the hand throttle which is to the left of the ignition.

How do you get the keys to the sewer truck in my summer car?

At the start of the game, it’s located at the waste processing plant. Before you are able to drive the Gifu and receive septic job calls, you must get the keys from Uncle Kesseli after he loses his license. that logs speed, distance and driver’s activities on a round chart. The chart is not accessible in the game.

How do you get Hayosiko?

Following the 9 May 2019 update, the van can only be acquired by directly contacting Uncle Kesseli at his home, which neighbors the player’s house.

How do I start Ruscko?

First, you need to get the car out of the barn, and submerge it in the lake and then pull back on land – you will do all of this with the tractor. Only after that the car will be ready for a ride – a quite short one. Ruscko is hidden here.

Where does the bus go in my summer car?

They can be found on the highway near some junctions, and the main bus stop is located in the town, opposite the shop. The bus automatically stops only in Peräjärvi. If you want to get off on the highway, you can press the overhead button while sitting inside the bus – this will make it stop at the nearest bus stop.

Where is Uncle my summer car?

Uncle Kesseli is also a heavy smoker, and coughs a lot. He is also highly likely to suffer from alcoholism. He is found either inside his house in Kesselinperä, drunk/passed out at the Pub or sitting outside.

How do I open the console in my summer car?

The console is accessed by opening the options menu with F1 or ESC. Commands can be entered by typing on the keyboard while having the console open and pressing ⏎.

How do I unlock my summer car Gifu?

You can start Gifu by using the keys which can only be acquired after talking to your uncle. Check Hayosiko, the blue van chapter to learn where and when you can look for the uncle.

How do you get the keys to Uncle summer car?

If you see it, go talk to your uncle and ask for the keys. Either he is sitting on a deck chair in front of the house, or knock on the door and wait for him to open. After a short conversation the uncle will hand you the keys – click on them (TAKE VAN KEYS) to finally gain access to the van.

Where does the fuel tank pipe go in my summer car?

The fuel tank pipe is a car part which can be found inside the garage at home. It is attached to the fuel tank at the back of the car without any bolts.

What fuel does the tractor take my summer car?

The tractor uses fuel oil or diesel fuel. The grey fuel filler cap can be found on the right side in between the operator cabin and forklift arm. The fuel tank can hold up to 65 liters of diesel.

Pumping septic tanks

Pumping septic tanks: a how-to guide This is a video tutorial on how to do the task. Map showing the locations of the septic tanks In the middle of the night, during a rainstorm, one of the owners eagerly awaits the player’s arrival. Pumping septic tanks with theGifu, a vacuum truck that can be found outside the sewage facility in Peräjärvi, is an option for the player. Getting the keys from Uncle Kesseli at his residence is required before you may get behind the wheel of the vehicle. Its principal function is to transport raw sewage from people’s houses all across the world.

As a result, utilizing a moped to go to the truck and into the cab would be a wise decision.

Getting a pump job

The player’s phone can be used to initiate a pump job if one of the owners calls the player’s phone and requests that their septic tank be drained when it has grown almost full. When you answer the phone, a dart will appear on the map above the phone to indicate the position of the caller. At the same time, many septic tank tasks may be noted on the map for convenience. Tank owners will gladly wait for you to come and empty their septic tanks at any time of day or night, in any weather condition.

If no one is there, you can still pump the tank empty, but you will not be compensated for your efforts.

Doing the pump job

When you arrive to a customer’s house and park the truck near to the tank, you’re in business. The well cover is a cement-colored circular with a square lid, and it may be removed by walking behind the vehicle and pulling it out of the well. Click on the hose on the right side of the vehicle, and it should come out with no effort. Drop the hose all the way down the well, being careful not to kink it, then return to the cabin and switch on the hydraulic pump. Once the pump is turned on, you must turn on the hand throttle, which is located to the left of the ignition switch.

  1. After decreasing the waste level in the tank to 250 L (the tank’s maximum capacity is 2500 L), the man sitting nearby should start talking and pay out money- 1200 mk to be exact- to the man sitting nearby.
  2. Keep in mind that if you wander too far away from the loading range while waiting for the Gifu to pump, the man will vanish and you will be unable to reclaim your hard-earned money.
  3. Fortunately, if this occurs, the hose coupler can be reconnected to the sewage intake even though the check mark indicator does not display on the computer screen.
  4. Pulling the hose up by hand is the safest method, but it may take some practice to get it to work properly.
  5. The truck has a capacity of 10000 liters, which is equivalent to slightly more than four houses’ worth of waste.
  6. If you unlawfully dump rubbish, you will receive an injunction that will be mailed to your home mailbox.
  7. Fleetari will contact the player at some point and invite him to do some vandalism on his property.

Shit economics

There are a total of 5 septic tanks available in the game. They slowly fill up with garbage. Because the filling rate is not constant, they never reach completely full at the same moment, and it is difficult to predict which of them will be the first to be completely filled (if you have emptied them previously at about the same time). It normally takes about a week’s worth of effort for them to fill up completely. When the trash level hits the 2450 L mark, the owners begin to contact you. As soon as you answer the phone, the flow of garbage will be stopped.

  • In actuality, the trash level will never reach its maximum capacity of 2500 liters, and the level will oscillate between 2450 and 2460 liters until you answer the phone.
  • It doesn’t matter how hard you throttle, the waste level will stop dropping at the 50 L mark.
  • As previously said, the tank owner will thank you and pay over the money as soon as you drop his waste level to the 250-liter mark, which will occur immediately.
  • If you opt to stop at this point, depending on your reaction time and pump speed, the average volume of pumped waste per tank will be around 2300 L.
  • No matter what happens, the payment will remain the same.
  • In other words, you can’t pay less than 150 mk even if you just spill 1 liter of gas.

Because Gifu has a terrible fuel consumption (about ten times worse than Hayosiko) and because emptying all of the tanks requires traveling toPeräjärviand back, stopping and maneuvering at the treatment plant and at each tank (not to mention the fuel used while pumping), fuel costs become a non-negligible expense for this project.

The sole disadvantage is that you will be punished if you use fuel oil while traveling on a highway, but you will not be required to use a highway for this task (see the optimal route below).

Park it near one of the septic tanks and drive there and back on Hayosiko orJonnez, which have higher fuel economy than the other routes.

By keeping Gifu at the high range, you may reduce the amount of gasoline it consumes. The following is the most fuel-efficient path for completing a 5-tank run:

  • Your journey begins with a septic tank in the south-eastern part of the map, which is the one at the house at the highway crossroads where you will be running. Assuming you have already completed this path, you will find your Gifu waiting for you at this location, ready to pump the tank. Come here from your residence on Hayosiko or Jonnez and put your belongings in this tank. If you want water, there is a well near the home
  • From here, travel to Loppe and pump two storage tanks. Use the dirt road to get to Loppe since it is the quickest and most fuel-efficient route. The outhouse near the mansion may be used to save your progress, and if you didn’t bring anything else to drink, you can relieve your thirst by drinking from the nearby water well. Then travel to Peräjärvi, where you will pump one of the storage tanks. Make advantage of the dirt road once more. At this point, your Gifu is (nearly) completely stuffed with garbage, and it’s time to dump it at the treatment facility for disposal. As an alternative, park it near the facility and get on with your life – get drunk at Pub Nappo, kick some asses withPetteriandJani, you know the routine. At the outhouse behind the shop, now is a good time to save your progress in the game. Your Gifu is equipped with a sleeping compartment in the rear
  • After dumping waste from the first four tanks, pump the final tank and dump garbage at the plant once more
  • And Once you have filled up Gifu with fuel oil to the top, it is time to head back to the first tank, which is located in the south-eastern corner. Although it may be tempting to go on the highway, taking dirt roads will save you money on gas. Park Gifu at this tank as if you were preparing to pump it, then leave Gifu there until the next time you need to use it. In addition, it is the closest septic tank to the player’s residence, and parking Gifu at this tank without the need for any maneuvering is quite simple while driving from the north. Take whatever car you had previously parked there and drive it back to your house

This entire journey, if completed correctly, will consume little more than a quarter of Gifu’s 300 L fuel tank. Upon obtaining the Gifu keys from your uncle, Gifu will be parked at the treatment plant with around 3/8 of a tank of petrol left in the tank. You can travel there it by taking the Jonnez, which you will then stow in its cabin until the conclusion of the journey and utilize to drive back to your home base. Now, assuming you have already completed the aforesaid path, your winnings from each run will be 4100-4200 mk.

  • Other tasks such as transporting engine components and wheels to and from Fleetari, shopping at Teimo’s, or picking up your postal orders may be accomplished while traveling along this route.
  • Plan ahead of time for these activities since you may require Hayosiko to transport all of your equipment to and from Gifu.
  • A bear case and some food should be kept inside the Gifu’s cabin as well, due to the length of time it would take to complete the journey.
  • Make use of your imagination.

Waste crime

If you are in a good mood (or if Fleetari has requested you to do a favor), you are free to dispose of the trash anywhere you like. However, you should be aware that if you restart a game, there will be an invitation waiting for you in your mailbox. This is a monetary penalty for your misdeeds (humorously namedshitcrimeinternally). Whether you pay it right away when it arrives in the mail box or neglect it for some time, it will be added to a growing pile of other outstanding fines on your kitchen table when you don’t pay it.

When waste is being expelled from your Gifu’s tank, you may observe that the waste stream is not continuous and that it pauses at various points.

Even if there is not enough waste left for a full batch or if you stop the valve too early, Gifu’s tank will nonetheless expel a full batch, if necessary producing waste out of thin air.

In addition, the maximum penalty (for an episode) is 30 day-fines for completely emptying a Gifu that has been stuffed to the full with garbage, since 10000 L of stored waste results in five batches of ejected trash every episode.

And, of course, if you continue to transgress in this manner, the incidents will accumulate and result in even more day-fines.


  • The septic tanks can be accidentally entered, resulting in the player’s death by drowning in the most horrible manner conceivable. It is illegal to dispose of sewage anyplace other than at a wastewater treatment facility
  • Otherwise, you will be penalized. After you’ve finished pumping the second tank, lower the back axle and raise it after you’re finished emptying the truck. If you try to save money while the truck is pumping, you will not be reimbursed for the septic tank. If the amount of sludge is not decreasing continuously, but is fluctuating from one level to another, the owner will not reimburse you for the work since the septic tank was not totally full at the time of the service. If you’re pulling the hose out by hand, grasp it and begin moving away from the well carefully so that you don’t put too much strain on the tube. The physics engine is jerky, and if you move the tube too quickly, it will wobble and lose its grasp on the tube, causing it to tumble back down the hole. The hose should be pulled until the end can be grasped, then dragged to the truck’s bed, just to the right of where it connects to the coupler (where the hose attaches to the truck). Once the “Put hose away” option appears, click on it to secure the hose in its current position. With the vehicle, try to locate a straightforward path to the septic tanks. Long-term parking jobs in complexes consume a lot of gasoline. Depending on how far the Gifu is parked from the well, the hose may not be able to reach far enough down the well to collect all waste. If it’s been more than two minutes and the owner hasn’t said anything, double-check that the sewage level has indeed stopped dropping and cautiously reverse the truck closer to the well, making sure that the hose reaches the bottom completely. Gifu may fail to pump sewage when parked too close to the well and there is more than enough hose length in the system, even when the pump is switched on and the throttle is fully opened. Ideally, you should remove the hose altogether and relocate Gifu such that he is located further away from the water source. As a result, you can place the hose back into the well and try again. When you remove the hose from a vehicle and it comes to rest at the well cement top without covering it, you are generally good to proceed
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Jobs in My Summer Car
Unrepeatable jobs Driving a man to suicideTowing wrecked carsHarvester deliveryHaybale deliveryHelping a drunk moveVandalising the inspection shopStealing the video poker machine
Repeatable jobs Bringing food to grandmaDelivering advertisementsDriving a drunk homeDriving grandma to churchPumping septic tanksChopping and delivering firewoodBrewing and delivering kiljuPicking strawberries
Removed jobs Stealing the slot machine


This article is about the variant that uses a septic tank. See Gifu for further information about additional Gifus (disambiguation). The Gifu’s back perspective is seen here. The inside of the Gifu. TheGifuis a filthy and battered vacuum vehicle that the player comes to possess after yourUnclegifts it to him or her. It may be used for septic tank pumping jobs by the player. It is built on a 6×2 taglift chassis and powered by a worn 14L turbocharged diesel engine that delivers 390 horsepower and a barrage of exhaust emissions.

  • Initially, it may be found at the garbage processing factory, where the game begins.
  • The speedometer on the vehicle is also equipped with a clock.
  • In the game, there is no way to view the chart.
  • It is both expensive and time-consuming to refuel it (about 1,350 miles per gallon of diesel from an empty tank, plus around 20 real-time minutes of waiting).
  • WARNING: Never downshift the vehicle from High to Low gear unless you are traveling at a speed of less than 25 kilometers per hour!
  • To restart the engine after accidentally lowering the range by accident, try pushing the hand-throttle all the way up to its maximum setting.


The Gifu is based on a FinnishSisu M-seriestruck (specifically an M-162 from the year 1970), and the name references the logo design of theFinnish Sisu candy. The Sisu candy typeface uses oldFraktur, the capital and lowercase S letters of which look like a G and a f to readers of the modern Latin alphabet. The engine in the game is based on the 405 horsepower 14L Cummins NTE-400 as suggested by the Steam trading card; however, it creates a noise similar to the 12,200cc Rolls-Royce Eagle 320. Both of these were available for Sisu M-161 trucks at the time.

Special functions

On the dashboard of the truck, there are a number of switches and levers that regulate various functions, some of which are exclusive to the Gifu vehicle.

Differential lock

Locking and unlocking the differential will force the drive wheels on either side of the vehicle to spin at the same rate.

When going off-road or trying to get out of a rut, locking the differential comes in handy. However, because it will make turning extremely difficult and will increase fuel consumption, it is not recommended for ordinary driving.

Lift rear axle/Tag-lift

Increases drivability and fuel economy by elevating the rearmost axle of the vehicle. The reduction in height will improve traction and weight distribution by increasing traction. It is advisable to lower the rear axle while the vehicle is carrying a high load in order to promote stability, and to elevate it when the vehicle is empty. By default, the axle has already been raised to the desired position.

Hydraulic pump

Toggles the operation of the septic tank pump. The efficiency of the pump is determined by the engine’s rotational speed. The higher the rotational speed of the motor, the faster the pump will function. When you’re outside the cab, you may use the hand throttle to boost the engine’s RPM.

Hand Throttle

Increases the engine’s idle revolutions per minute. Works in the same way as the hand throttle used by Kekmet. Pulling the lever out will raise the idle RPM, and pulling the lever in will lower the idle RPM. This is useful for increasing the efficiency of hydraulic pumps.

Operating the truck

Turn on the ignition and wait for the red glow plug light (coil symbol) to turn off before continuing with the procedure. Before turning the car over, make sure it is in neutral. It is possible that the vehicle will refuse to start on occasion. It will loiter for less than a second before crashing and crashing. Check to see that you have enough gasoline, and then keep trying until it starts successfully. The presence of a red air pressure indicator and a buzzer indicates that the air pressure is low, causing the brakes to become useless.

  • Using the foot brake or parking brake too frequently can result in air pressure loss, thus it is recommended that you use them only in moderation.
  • Aside from that, anytime the engine is not operating, the air tanks will progressively deplete, which is most likely due to a leak somewhere in the system.
  • When the tank is empty, this helps to cut fuel consumption while also making handling easier.
  • When carrying sewage, lower the axle (yellow light should be turned off) to withstand the larger weight and boost stability.
  • When the axle is raised, more weight is placed on the driving wheels, which increases the amount of traction.
  • The Gifu features 12 forward gears, separated into a low range and a high range, which may be switched between by pressing the R key (this has no impact on pumping or air pressure).
  • The second half is represented by the gears 1H – 6H, which work similarly to the gears 7 – 12.
  • Starting out with a little amount of liquid, such as 1L or 2L, is recommended.

When stranded or traveling off-road (for example, on grass), the differential can be locked to provide extra traction, however steering and turning will be more difficult to do. When driving in a regular manner, it is not advisable to lock the differential.

H-Shifter Rev Matching

This portion of the article is only applicable to individuals who utilize a 6-speed gear shift with a non-auto clutch, such as the one included with the Logitech G29 gaming keyboard. When shifting, rev matching is a technique that is used to produce smooth gear transitions. It helps to guarantee that the vehicle’s gearbox is not subjected to any stress-loads or premature wear (i.e., a burnt clutch.) When employing an H-shifter, it is necessary to use this approach in order to shift the Gifu’s unsynchronized transmission.

  1. In order to manually match them, you must make excellent use of your throttle and shift at the appropriate times.
  2. The gears typically turn at a speed of 1000-1500 RPM.
  3. The majority of the time, you will have to use the double-clutch to properly downshift because the space in the rev-range available for downshifting is quite limited.
  4. If you are successful, you will experience a smooth gear shift.
  5. You must ensure that your engine speed (RPMs) is low enough (but not too low!) before doing a downshift, or otherwise you will not be able to shift back into the appropriate gear.


  • Once the tank has been fully stocked to its 10,000-litre maximum, you will be able to unlock the “Full of rubbish” achievement. It has such a hefty flywheel that when you let go of the throttle and move into gear, it can cause the car to stall. When you’re driving a truck, stress levels quickly climb. It is recommended that you take a pack of smokes with you in order to avoid tension from reaching crucial levels. The operation of the truck’s pump will cause the player’s dirtiness to climb quite rapidly
  • Nonetheless, this is not a problem. WAB is written on a plate adjacent to the gear stick, and the numerical code 475714500 is imprinted on the plate. The code contains one missing number (7) at the end, however it is a code for a trailer brake valve built by Wabco, despite the fact that it has one missing number (7). In the game, the Gifu is one of two vehicles that can be driven by both the player and the AI, with the other vehicle being theBoat.
  • Because it is the sole corroded wheel on the vehicle, the rusted front wheel on the Gifu is most likely from the truck that Uncle Kesseli sold
  • Neither the oil pressure gauge nor the voltmeter appear to be working properly, since they both display the bare minimum regardless of what is happening with the car.
  • A fresh new save will have a mileage of 400,000 kilometers on the vehicle from the start of the new save. That the vehicle has been used frequently and has been worn implies that it has been used frequently and has become worn, which explains why the truck produces a large quantity of diesel fumes and has poor fuel efficiency. The mileage is modest for the truck’s age, but because it is a septic truck, the engine is forced to remain running in order to power the hydraulic pump, and as a result, the engine will have a significantly higher number of hours in comparison to the mileage. After Uncle Kesse gives you the truck, you will officially become the owner of the vehicle since you will immediately begin receiving calls from folks who need their sewage wells drained
  • As revealed on the Drag Slip, the Gifu was manufactured in 1978, despite the fact that it is built on a truck from 1970 and has an engine that is most likely from the year 1981
  • This might indicate that the engine now installed in the truck was converted from a later model – probably as a result of the original powerplant failing – or it could just be the result of a development oversight.
  • When driving over bumps, the rear bumper of the Gifu appears to be troublesome, as it can grab itself, preventing the back wheels from reaching the ground and resulting in the Gifu becoming entirely stuck. It is estimated that the vehicle has used at least 3,120,000 liters of fuel (400,000 * 7.8) during the course of its lifetime. This vehicle consumes an average of 183529 gallons of fuel per year (3,120,000 / 17). The player’s variation produces somewhat less power than the highway model. Due to the large number of engine hours logged by the vehicle or a lack of maintenance, this might be the case.
  • The Gifu used to feature a higher pitched version of the Bus’s engine noises, however this was modified in an update on 5 January 2016 and is no longer the case.
  • In the Finnish-made game INFRA, the Gifu Brand is featured on Sisu-based trucks that can tow wrecked cars effectively, though the Kekmet is more cost-effective
  • The Gifu Brand is also featured on trucks that can crawl on idle in gears 1+Low or R+Low
  • And the Gifu Brand is featured on trucks that can crawl on idle in gears 1+Low or R+Low. Because the game has multiple other MSC-related Easter eggs, it is probable that this is a homage to the company
  • Gifu is also the name of a Japanese prefecture
  • And the license plate UPT-737 is a nod to the 1990 television series Lentsu. Toivo Kesseli is also the name of the business’s owner. The vehicle used in the episode, on the other hand, was a 1979 Volvo FH12 forestry truck.

Patch notes

Update Changes
25 May 2015 Added the Gifu (drivable logging version)
5 January 2016 Engine sounds changed (drivable logging version)
11 October 2016 Current Gifu was added (replaced drivable logging Gifu)
26 October 2016 Added towing hooks
28 October 2016 The hose will detach itself if too much force is appliedMade the truck stop moving when the player moves in the cockpit
30 October 2016 The truck won’t slide anymore when the parking brake is appliedStarter help added for players who use auto-clutch
8 November 2016 Made door usage easierIncreased tire grip
19 December 2016 The player character can nowdiewhen driving the truck
5 February 2017 Decreased engine powerMade the parking brake fail when a strong force is appliedThe player character can nowsleepin the truck
17 April 2017 Fixed a bug where the truck did not check thefuellevel when starting the engine
29 May 2017 Fixed reverse gear ratios
31 July 2017 Copsnow enforce an 80km/h speed limit for the truck
24 October 2017 Fixed steering help setting issues
5 December 2017 Added seat beltsThe windshield can now be broken
23 February 2018 Added odometer
18 August 2018 Improved parking brake systemAdded beacon lightsAdded Gifu brand decalsMade one of the front wheels rusty
24 October 2018 The truck now requires rev-matching when changing gears when using an H-shifterAdded license platesCosmetic changes to the steering wheel
9 May 2019 Keys are inUncle Kesseli ‘s hands, you get them after he loses his license
23 December 2019 Added rear working lights to Truck


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r/MySummerCar – Where do I drain the septic truck?

I’ve discovered the internet! Interested in knowing where to drain and empty the septic truck in My Summer Car? In general, how many houses can I empty before I have to dump the tank? Also, where can I go to pick up my cash for the septic work I had done? (edit) Upon further investigation, I discovered that the fuel tank is equipped with a meter that indicates how much fuel is remaining. To make a comment, you must first log in or create an account. 1st grade Simply pump out the shit and wait for the auditory indication, then walk over to the guy when he appears to be handing you the money and click on his hand to accept payment.

  1. as far as throwing it away It doesn’t matter where you open the valve; it will stream out regardless of where you open it.
  2. Occasionally, I back up the truck and have it dropped directly on the guy’s shoulders.
  3. Following the completion of pumping out the guys’ septic system, I couldn’t figure out how to unhook from the truck.
  4. There was absolutely no response.
  5. level 1Drop it off at Teimon Kauppa’s house or maybe in the lake?
  6. a second-grade education splash AHHH splash AHHH splash AHHH splash AHHH splash gurgle 1st grade So, how do you go about collecting your payment?
  7. a second-grade education I haven’t performed that role yet, but from what I’ve read, you have to speak with the individuals whose house you are pumping after it is completely devoid of water.

The drinking simulator My Summer Car by Royal John Love, AKA ToplessGun.Reddit Inc. in the year 2022 is anything linked to the game. All intellectual property rights are retained.

Gifu truck

Vehicles that may be used for gaming Kekmet tractorPreviousVehicles that may be played Satsuma automobile The Gifu truck is discussed in detail in this portion of the handbook to My Summer Car, which is available online. You will learn where to seek for the car as well as how to get into the vehicle. Information on how to start the machine as well as how to utilize it has been supplied as well. This vehicle has nothing to do with a manga girl or with the trendy internet meme type that has been popular recently.

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Septic tanks should be emptied.

  • General information
  • Where can I find a Gifu vehicle
  • And other questions. How to get the Gifu truck going

General information

The Gifu septic tank is based on the Sisu truck, which is manufactured in Finland. This is your uncle’s second automobile, the first being a blue van, according to you. Because of its high fuel consumption and the fact that it costs more than 1,000 markka to replenish the tank, it is only worthwhile to use it for paid labor, such as septic tank emptying or sewage disposal. You will not be able to access it until later in the game. Gifu, on the other hand, is visible on the map from the very beginning, unlike the van.

Where can I find Gifu truck?

Gifu is parked on the grounds of the municipal waste treatment facility in the town of Gifu. It is the most extensive collection of industrial buildings in the city, and it is also the most easily accessible. You will be able to unlock the door and enter the cabin, but you will want the keys in order to turn on Gifu. Gifu is located in the town of Gifu, on the grounds of the waste treatment facility.

How to start Gifu truck?

Gifu can only be started by utilizing the keys that can only be obtained by talking to your uncle about it. Check out Hayosiko, the blue van chapter, to find out where and when you may go looking for the uncle and his whereabouts. Vehicles that may be used for gaming Kekmet tractor is a Turkish tractor manufacturer. PreviousVehicles that may be used for gaming Satsuma automobile

My Summer Car – Wikipedia

My Summer Car
My Summer Carheader onSteam
Developer(s) Amistech Games
Publisher(s) Amistech Games
Designer(s) Johannes Rojola Kaarina Rojola
Engine Unity
Genre(s) Vehicle simulation game,survival,open world
Mode(s) Single-player

Open world, automobile mechanic, and survival game under development by Finnish developer Johannes Rojola (aka TopLessGun or RoyalJohnLove) of Amistech Games, My Summer Car will be released this summer. In early access, it was published on October 24, 2016, and it is scheduled to be released in full in 2022, according to the Steam community.

Gameplay and setting

After the Datsun 100A, the primary automobile of the game is designed after it. In My Summer Car, the action takes place in the fictional town of Peräjärvi, Finland, in the summer of 1995. The main character, an 18-year-old boy, is left alone in the family house while his parents are on vacation in Tenerife. The player is tasked with putting together, restoring, and upgrading an automobile, the Satsuma AMP (modeled after theDatsun 100A). As a result, the player must use the auto components that are stored in the garage as well as periodically order new parts from a catalog in order to do this.

  1. The game does not provide any guidance to the user on how to construct his or her vehicle.
  2. If the automobile is driven after it has been improperly assembled, it may suffer from a mechanical failure.
  3. In addition to constructing the vehicle, the player must deal with the different factors of survival in the game, such as maintaining a healthy balance between hunger, thirst, weariness, urination, stress, and dirtiness.
  4. The athlete is also welcome to make use of the amenities at his residence, which include a sink, shower, sauna, toilet, and bed.
  5. The player may earn money by performing different side-tasks for individuals in the surrounding region, which can be used to pay for auto components, gas, and grocery shopping.
  6. Making and sellingkilju (Finnish homebrew sugar wine), carrying firewood on a tractor-pulled trailer, emptying the septic tanks of neighbors, and bringing up a drunk neighbor from the town tavern are just a few of the responsibilities of a farm worker.
  7. After the Satsuma has passed inspection at the vehicle inspection office, the player can install certain aftermarket parts that allow him or her to participate.
  8. Access to a cargo van with a big carrying capacity, two-stroke moped, and two-stroke launch at a nearby pier that allows the player to go across the map’s lake are all available to him.

aventtidealer is also giving away a rusty station wagon that has been plagued with a wasp’s nest to a lucky participant.


Datsun 100A, the automobile modelled on which the game’s main vehicle is based It is the summer of 1995 when My Summer Car takes place in the fictitious town of Peräjärvi, Finland. During his parent’s vacation in Tenerife, the main character, an 18-year-old, is left to look after the family house alone. Assembling, restoring, and upgrading a Satsuma AMP is the goal of the player (modeled after theDatsun 100A). As a result, the player must use the auto components that are available in the garage as well as periodically buy new parts from a catalog in order to do this.

  1. It is not possible to create an automobile because the game does not provide any instructions to the user.
  2. If the automobile is driven after it has been improperly assembled, it may suffer from a failure.
  3. The player must also deal with the different facets of the game’s existence, such as balancing hunger, thirst, weariness, urination, stress, and filthiness while maintaining a healthy body temperature.
  4. He may also take advantage of the amenities in his residence, which include a sink, shower, sauna, toilet, and bed.
  5. The player may earn money by performing different side-tasks for individuals in the surrounding region, which can be used to purchase auto components, gasoline, and groceries.
  6. Making and sellingkilju (Finnish homebrew sugar wine), transporting firewood on a tractor-pulled trailer, emptying the septic tanks of neighbors, and taking up a drunken neighbor from the local tavern are just a few of the responsibilities.
  7. Apart from these vehicles, there are a number of additional vehicles that the player may acquire throughout the course of the game’s campaign.
  8. During the time that the player’s vehicle is being serviced by the local mechanic, the player can borrow a muscle car, but if the muscle car is not returned on time, the technician will wreck the player’s vehicle.

Aventtidealer is also offering the chance to win a rusty station wagon that has been infected with a wasp’s nest.


The game garnered overwhelmingly excellent feedback from players. Brendan Caldwell, who wrote a review for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, described the game as “funny, detailed, and totally baffling.” In a review for Kotaku, Nathan Grayson described the game as “Janky and odd as fuck, but amusing.” Both the Rock, Paper, Shotgun article and Martin Robinson of Eurogamer compared the game’s difficulty curve to that ofDark Souls: Awakening. Another honor and recognition came in the form of a number of awards and recognition from the Finnish gaming community.

See also

  • Sepon Kauppa was the idea for Teimon Kauppa, the village shop located in Peräjärvi hamlet, where the game is set
  • He was also the basis for the character of Sepon Kauppa.


  • The Pacejka tire model is used in this detailed driving simulation. The use of an H-type shifter and clutch is required for car operation. Hardcore car-building problem that is really challenging
  • Simulator for walking
  • Car stereos with subwoofers that can be installed
  • Photographs will be taken with a camera. Highway that is dead and dull
  • Damage system with a lot of features, for things like components dropping off and wear and tear
  • Spare parts and tuning parts are available at this parts store. It does have some form of visual representation
  • Driving a sewage tank truck for humans
  • Pay attention to what inebriated individuals are saying
  • NPCs who are drunk
  • Passing unconscious and waking up at an unexpected location
  • AI traffic on the roads
  • Possibility of going to the sauna, drinking alcoholic drinks, and getting intoxicated
  • It’s a radio station
  • Possibility of importing one’s own OGG tracks into the radio
  • A dirt track in the manner of rallycross
  • Strawberry picking is a popular summer activity. A freight vehicle that can be driven
  • Drag strip racing and local drag racing competitions
  • Possibility of stealing gasoline
  • The ability to manufacture kilju and sell it in order to make some money
  • Process of inspecting a car Rally event with an online leaderboard
  • Window decals with messages such as “More beer”
  • Complete automobile build-up, from the spark plugs to the bodywork and suspension
  • Engine simulation includes varying damage and performance situations, as well as The location is a Finnish rural in the early 1990s. In the bar, you may try your luck at the slot machine. Having the ability to chop wood for a living
  • Rowing boat (which eventually became a motorboat)
  • A drivable muscle automobile with an automatic transmission that is true to life
  • Dashboard with full functionality, similar to that of a flight simulator
  • Wood chopping
  • Fluid management (brake fluid, oil, coolant, gasoline, carburetor management)
  • Dirt roads that are both fast and perilous
  • There are no immersion breakers in first-person controls
  • Permadeath
  • A tractor that can be driven
  • Bugs in the physics
  • This is a PC-only game. Plans have been made, but no promises have been made. An environment that is alive with dwellings, wildlife, and animals

My Summer Car Tips and Tricks for Beginners

My Summer Car is the ultimate car-owning, constructing, repairing, tuning, and maintenance simulator that also includes a permadeath live survival mode. You begin the game with hundreds of loose components, which you must put together to build both the automobile and the engine. The following is a compilation of tips and techniques on every facet of the game that everyone should be familiar with. There are a number of tricks in the following section that I have gathered from various sources on the internet; these are tricks that every player should be aware of.


A collection of vehicle-specific tips and techniques for the game’s vehicles. General

  • In the event that a vehicle falls under the map’s coverage area, it will resurface at its original place
  • However, this does not apply to a vehicle that is merely stranded. Jerry cans can be used to refill automobiles that are running low on fuel
  • To open them, simply press the f key on the lid. While all other cars suffer only aesthetic damage, the Satsuma suffers no damage at all. All other vehicles suffer either cosmetic damage or no damage at all. With the exception of the Van, which may have its windshield damaged

sewage collection truck (Gifu)

  • If you are unable to fish the cess pit hose out of the pit, carefully move the truck ahead until you are able to do so. It is likely that you will lose the hose, which will emerge at the garbage tip near the air field
  • If you do require the use of a tow vehicle, it is better to use the sewage truck, which has its rear axel lowered. You have the option of sleeping on the rear bench.

Tractor-Trailer (Tractor-Trailer) (Kekmet)

  • 52 logs are required to entirely fill the trailer
  • There is no fixed restriction for the amount of firewood required for the client to pay
  • As long as you have more than 45 logs, you should be OK
  • 52 logs are required to completely fill the trailer
  • It is possible to attach the trailer by simply reversing the tractor up to the trailer’s hitch
  • Every time you save or resume the game, the trailer will detach itself from the game. The following are the driving directions to the residence that is interested in the wood: Drive down the first road in front of the home, then left at the t intersection, then left at the intersection. The second home to the right is in desperate need of wood. Instructions for unloading firewood are as follows: The rear hydralics leaver can be found beneath the tractor seat to the left of the handbrake. To lift the trailer, press and hold the w key or use the hand accelerator. To lower the trailer, just press the rear hydralics leaver again and the trailer will descend automatically as you drive away.

Muscle Cars in the United States (Ferndale)

  • There is no time limit on when it may be stolen
  • If you do not return the ferndale within a few days, Fleetari (the mechanic) will contact you and threaten that you will be charged with theft. If you do not return it, Fleetari will “dump” your car into a swamp area near his shop
  • The fuel cap is located between the rear lights, behind the numper plate section
  • The car is automatic, so there is no clutch, and if you put it in drive, it will slowly move forward
  • I strongly recommend driving the Ferndale in 2nd gear when on dirt, as 1st gear only spins the front wheels

Van is a slang term for a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a person who is not a (Hayosiko)

  • There’s a diesel engine and rear-wheel drive, and the windshield may be fixed at a technician. In the Hayosiko’s rear compartment, there is enough for a sofa that was found in the waste dump, which may be utilized as a sleeping surface.
  • Simply walk onto the back bench of the boat to activate the driving mode
  • The boat never runs out of gas. When the boat does run out of gas, it can be refueled by purchasing 2 stroke fuel from Teimo’s
  • However, how you know when the boat is almost out of fuel is a mystery
  • However, To start the engine, hold down the left mouse button on the chord and move the mouse away from it
  • To change gears, use the gear selector
  • To turn off the engine, use the engine cut button.
  • It requires gasoline
  • It is sensitive and easily damaged
  • It may be fixed by a technician, as well as by a variety of other services. Various pieces, such as a magazine on the table next to the bed, might be added to make it more appealing. If a piece of equipment falls through the map, it should be recovered from the trash dump near the air field.
  • The back seats may be utilized as a sleeping area
  • Removing pieces of the Satsuma does make it quicker, which is important for rallying
  • And removing portions of the Satsuma does make it lighter.


Tips and tricks that are specific to the gamer.

  • If you die, you may basically “cheat” death by pressing alt+f4 MSC just before the death announcement shows in the newspaper
  • This will return you to your previous save.

Player condition bars are displayed on the screen.

  • Swimming in the lake or taking a sauna might help to reduce dirtiness in the environment. Because dirtiness has no upper limit, your dirtiness bar can continue to rise indefinitely
  • You cannot die as a result of filth. It is not necessary to store food or beverages in the refrigerator
  • It is only there for aesthetic purposes. Hunger may be alleviated by consuming food
  • Sausages, for example, are the most effective in reducing hunger. The sensation of thirst can be alleviated by crouching near a water faucet and just crouched once
  • However, do not waste expensive beers in the process. Purchase milk from the grocery store if you want something non-alcoholic to drink. The use of excessive amounts of alcohol can lead you to blackout and wake up near your home, making it an ideal teleportation device when you are trapped someplace. Frustration can be alleviated by sleeping on a bed or by getting a cup of coffee from the bar. You can die as a result of urine, hunger, or exhaustion.

Money, Jobs and Other People

  • Cess pit emptying and firewood delivery are two of the most lucrative methods to gain money for a janitor. Emptying cess pits will get you 1200 points, while delivering firewood will earn you 3200 points. It is possible to earn 2000-4000mk by delivering wrecked vehicles to Fleetari (Mechanic), and this may be accomplished with just three crashes.
  • There are two sewage sites in Perajarvi (the location of the business), two sewage sites in Loppe (the location of the mechanic), and one sewage site on the gravel road leading to Lope. It is delivered on the dirt road towards Loppe, where you will notice a person standing up
  • If you offer to give your inebriated buddy at the pub some firewood, direct him to the dirt road towards Loppe, where the first home on the left is located. The three wrecks can be located in a variety of locations, one in a forest and the other two in barns
  • A sledgehammer is required to enter the barns.
  • There is an alcohol checkpoint on the main road in the lower left-hand corner of the map that can emerge at any time
  • If you do not stop, you will be pursued. When approaching the stop, make sure you are traveling at less than 100KPH (62MPH), or you may be issued a ticket. You may use the alcohol checker to knock (?) over a police officer, which will result in a police chase. Make sure you park on the shoulder of the road since the other NPCs will not stop and will smash into your car or you if you are not careful. If you are ever followed by the police or if you fail to pay a traffic ticket, you should seek legal advice. Your fine will be written on a ticket that will appear on your kitchen counter. If the fee is not paid within a few days, police officers will arrive at your home with an arrest warrant, and you will not be permitted to leave your home until the warrant is served. After that, you will be thrown in a jail cell
  • Be cautious when driving on dirt roads since an NPC automobile will take up the entire road and travel very quickly

Things to Blow your Money on

The things you can buy with your hard-earned money

  • Food and beverages from the grocery store
  • Insane automobile modifications from the magazine by your bed
  • Citations from the police
  • The mechanic shop, he will occasionally offer you a 50 percent discount
  • Examination of a vehicle


  • Allow yourself to be pampered in the sauna
  • Do drags on the air strip and record your times
  • To become REALLY drunk, you should race over trash mounds on a rally track near the airfield.

More of this sort of thing:

My Summer Automobile is the title of this article. Amistech Games and Johannes Rojola are the developers. Early Access will be available starting in October 2016. Release in its entirety (expected) in Q4 of 2021 The Early Access version of the game is now available on Steam. I’m quite aware of what you’re thinking. On a vehicle website, there are video game reviews? But My Summer Automobile is a video game that revolves on a car. The automobile in question was not just any car, but the type of ancient jalopy that we here at Car Talk adore.

It is the summer of 1999, and you are a 19-year-old Finnish youngster whose parents have taken a vacation “until they grow bored and come back.” Your garage is littered with a rusted old wreck of a car that has been entirely dismantled, and your aim is to put it back together, patch it up, and enter it in a rally.

  • “I’m producing this game because it’s a game that has to be developed,” explains creator Johannes Rojola.
  • There have never been any truer words stated.
  • No one has ever remarked, “This automobile has an infinite number of possibilities.” To begin, you awaken in your bed and wander outside the home, where you come across the shell of a 1974 Satsuma Amplifier, which serves as the game’s equivalent of an ancient Datsun 100A.
  • It’s the wrench set that serves as the first indication that you’re going to be frustrated for a significant portion of your time while playing this game.
  • This is due to the fact that there is a wide range of bolt sizes that you will need to turn in order to construct your automobile, and you must match the wrench size to the hardware size.
  • Instead, you’ll have to make educated assumptions, and your predictions will be incorrect.
  • Even if you’re a seasoned wrench turner in real life, your size predictions will most likely be incorrect since the fairly basic visuals of My Summer Car make it difficult to judge scale.

That joke must not have made it to Finland, because you’ll find all sizes ranging from 6mm to 15mm on the market there.

You’ll spend around half of your assembly time switching back and forth between the part you’re attempting to attach and the wrench box, swapping out sizes until you find the one that works.

After all, how many bolts are there on this thing?

Almost every fastener found in the real world has been duplicated.

When it comes to assembling the engine, you’ll have to do everything from installing clutches and brakes to replacing crankshaft bearings because the engine, like the rest of the automobile, is entirely dismantled when you start.

Except that it’s not even close to being finished.

It is necessary to attach it to an engine crane, raise the crane high enough to clear the automobile, and then wriggle the mill into precisely the perfect position before bolting it down before removing it from the crane.

However, you cannot just power through the car’s construction in a single power session since doing so may be considered lighthearted fun, and this game purposefully avoids such frivolities.

It is not enough to just construct the vehicle in the manner of a typical pretend video game automobile constructor, because your character is considered as a regular human.

Failure to address any of these issues for an extended period of time almost always leads in death.

You’re going to die.

You’re going to die.


Even if dirtiness is the single measure that will not kill you, you will find yourself showering nevertheless since being too dirty attracts flies, and the buzzing becomes bothersome.

Your stress levels continue to climb despite your efforts, and you have a number of options for dealing with it, none of which are especially effective.

It is possible to smoke cigarettes, however doing so will result in addiction, which the game will punish you for by increasing your stress level much quicker than usual.

The downside is that it takes a long time to curse enough to reduce your stress level to zero, and your finger will become uncomfortable from repeatedly pressing that button.

However, it is also the most annoying and potentially deadly.

In terms of how ludicrous the game may be, this will give you a decent sense.

Place the bucket beneath the faucet, turn on the faucet, and wait for the bucket to fill up with water.

Look at the bottom of the stove from a crouching position.

Turn the timer dial all the way to the right to start the process.

Now, take the dipper and equip it with the necessary equipment before “sitting” on the sauna bench and dipping the dipper into the bucket.

Repeat this process as many times as necessary until your stress bar reaches zero.

If you don’t crouch down to switch off the thermostat and timer dials, the sauna may overheat and catch fire, causing extensive damage to the property.

You should be aware that there is a similarly absurd list of steps for everything else you do in the game, and that most of those activities are not optional, and that they are all designed to get in the way of doing what you really want to do, which is build the damn car, in order to complete the game.

  • This is due to the fact that they’re being kept in an abandoned home on the other side of a lake from your garage, for whatever reason.
  • Fortunately, this is an example of the clever method in which the developer goes out of his way to annoy you.
  • Due to the fact that you reside at the end of a peninsula that juts into a huge lake, you will have to go a long distance to the ring road that circles the lake and then drive all the way around to the other side of the lake in a tractor that does not move very quickly.
  • The wheels may be found in the attic, but you’ll also discover a wasps’ nest there as well.
  • Even if permadeath is turned off, you’re in a pickle since you’ve ended yourself back at your house, but the tractor is on the opposite side of the map, which is frustrating.
  • Assuming you don’t crash your bike, you understand you’ll have to deal with the wasps first before you can collect your wheels, which means you’ll have to go to the shop (which is a long distance away from the wasps) and buy a fire extinguisher to use on the nest.
  • However, you can only purchase the fire extinguisher during business hours, so you’ll have to wait until it becomes dark, and there’s no way to speed up the process.
  • Running out of automobiles near your home is a negative thing since it means you’ll have to “walk” back to one of the vehicles you’ve misplaced in order to go back to your house.

As soon as you’ve recovered the wheels, as well as all of the other vehicles that were destroyed by insects, and you’ve completed the assembly of the vehicle (including all of the wiring connections, which are nearly impossible to locate; if you connect your negative battery cable before your positive, you’ll almost certainly set the vehicle on fire), it’s time to fill the vehicle with fluids and turn on the engine.


The carburetor needs to be adjusted, and unless you purchased a fuel/air gauge, you’ll have to make the adjustment by ear.

The front alignment needs to be adjusted, and if you do it incorrectly, the car will be difficult to steer, and you will most likely crash, causing damage to the vehicle, which will require you to tow it back home or fix it on the spot.

I’m simply scraping the surface of what’s possible.

Then they’ll break, and you’ll have to disassemble everything in order to replace them.

Players that are well-versed in the game will purchase all of the new components they can before assembling the automobile, but this will cost them money, which will lead to another game feature: earning a living.

When you start off, you’ll be making money by delivering firewood, which you’ll have to cut one piece at a time, put one chunk at a time into a wagon, and then slowly transport it to the customer.

After your drunk uncle loses his driving privileges, a more expedient means of earning money arrives in the form of the keys to his sewage pumper truck.

This, of course, raises your dirtiness and stress levels, and it has the potential to be lethal due to the fact that it is startlingly simple to get trapped in the tanks.


Of course, all of that money can’t be spent on automobile parts.

Remember that you must pay your energy bill or the utility company will shut off the electricity, which will not only turn off the lights but also turn off both your sauna and your faucet, preventing your from dealing with your thirst and stress bars until you pay up.

That the game instructs you on how to use Finnish expletives is a good thing, because you will find yourself using them almost every time you play.

The good news is that you can do it!

However, if you are apprehended, you will be sentenced to prison, where you will serve out the remainder of your sentence.

In-game time is set to one hour, which is equal to five minutes of real time, which means that a four-day jail sentence entails spending two hours staring at a jail cell wall in a video game.

Although the game’s warped sense of humor and the satisfaction of finally constructing that automobile and shooting it along dirt roads make it all worthwhile, for some, the planned annoyances make it all worthwhile.

In the unlikely event that you do manage to quit, the only method to save your progress is to locate one of the few toilets or outhouses strewn around the game – saving anyplace else is not an option.

This is the method through which you may save your game.

My Summer Caris accessible on theSteamdistribution platform, where users have managed to create over 33,000 evaluations, the majority of which are “extremely favorable.” It’s worth a shot if you’re a masochist or just enjoy quirky, oddball entertainments in general; otherwise, skip it.

Just make sure you don’t set your house on fire until you’ve done building the vehicle.

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