Despite best efforts, uploading information to this website is taking longer than expected. HOPEFULLY it will be readable by May 7.

So much has been happening:

Paul presented the advanced greywater Iirrigation course for the Watershed Management Group in Tucson at the beginning of April. WMG should be congratulated on their efforts in bring together a range of presenters. Brad Lancaster's examples and workshop involving kitchen waste water infiltrators was fascinating.

Leigh Jerrard of Greywater Corps in Los Angeles has some fantastic work comming up - Leigh will be featured in a few upcoming blogs. If you are in LA and considering greywater re-use, call Leigh, he is the best!

We can now add a new country to our export list. Curacao (Netherland Antilles) will shortly be the proud recipent of a Bed & Breakfast retreat with an integrated greywater and rainwater irrigation facility.

On the development front, new filter alarms are in testing. An exciting event for us.

Installation continue apace in Australia. Despite the heavy (almost drought breaking) rains last summer, the high cost of water in South East Australia continues to drive the water saving and irrigation market.

An exciting new project is soon to start in San Louis Obispo for the California Conservation Corp. Wendy has done a fantastic job and it looks like this commecial sized greywater irrigation system will be installed soon.

This is just a fraction of what is happening right now.